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How do I delete books from my IPad?  No matter how many times I select delete my books remain, they are not deleted.  I want them completely removed.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (VZ)
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    Wow, 46 peolpe marked this as having the same problem, and nary a response from the community? How hard can it be to make an app that *deletes content you dont want anymore*


    I get the feeling if iBooks had been submitted to the iTunes store by an independent developer, it would have been rejected for being too buggy.

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    That is not the case. People are merely ill-informed. You can delete a book by pressing edit, selecting a book and then pressing delete. However, the book will appear to be visible if you have your device set to show all of your purchases, both in the cloud and actually on your device.


    Go to Settings > iBooks > Show All Purchases > Off

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    Turning "Show all Purchases" off merely hides the Purchased folder on iBooks, the books I don't want still appear in the "Books" folder.


    Even if I move them to another folder, delete that folder and tell iBooks to <b>remove</b> those books, iBooks inexplicibly moves those books back to the Books folder. I deleted them from my PC, I even told iTunes <b>not</b> to sync any books, I've deleted iBooks, and yet lo and behold, despite all this, iBooks seems to have decided that what I really meant was that "show these books that haven't finished downloading no matter what I say"

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    Great, many thanks