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I read in one of the Mac magazines that I could get rid of all my old deleted e-mail messages by going to Mailbox > smartmailbox > enter a name > date received >  is not in the lst > 12 (or whatever amount of months you desire) > months. This is suppose to find mail older than a year and put them in their own mailbox. You may then select it and delete it with the delete key. Then, any new mail over 12 months will go directly to this mailbox.


I did this. Now I have a new smart mailbox with mail  from 2009 when I bought the computer. I can not get rid of them. I tried to select the mailbox and delete, nothing. Then I selected one message > edit > select all > delete, nothing. I/ve tried all I can think to try. The smart mailbox is searching most of the time (circling, looking for mail) and mail activity is running most of the time with lots of e-mails it is bringing in.


Has anyone had this problem and solved it?


Thank you, Arudi

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    This can happen if the smart mailbox is searching the trash, as the items will still be available. To get rid of them, once you have selected them and pressed delete to remove them, right-click the Trash mailbox and choose the option to Erase Deleted Items...

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    Thank you for that information. I tried what you said but am having problems, some of my inbox mail is gone, so I decided to get rid of all this. I selected the smart mailbox, went to Mailbox > delete snart mailbox, but all I got was another mailbox. I kept trying things and now I have 5 smart mailboxes and don't want any. This is over my head and I just want to close all them and never see them again.


    My computer is acting crazy and I am wondering if it has something to do with all these constant incoming messages that never stop running. I don't need anything extra - like these smart mailboxes because I am not smart enough to run them.


    Am I trying to delete the mailboxes wrong, or is there no way to get rid of them?


    Thank you for helping me. A