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I have had my iPhone 5 for exactly one month. I have a shared plan with my daughter. We are on wifi all of the time except when she is in school. I have only used .039 gig. Her phone has used14.47 gig in 29 days. 10 of those in the last 3 days. She deleted all apps. I called Verizon and they said y

" yes that phone uses lot of data". Funny how when she gave me the times of the biggest usage we are connected to wifi, or asleep. Makes no sense. I have had to upgrade our usage 4 times in 1 week to try to avoid over charges. We have never used 15 gigs in 1 month, NEVER! I can't seem to get any help fron Verizon. I love the phone, but if it is going to cost 16gigs a month that's not what was sold to me.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    What settings do you have turned on?  Push Mail, and Location Services can use quite a bit of data.  And if your phone loses connectivity with your WiFi network at home, it will automatically shift to cellular data (if it is turned on).

    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4146 provides some guidance.  Keep in mind that any applications that you run could also cause your data usage to increase.


    Hope this helps

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    If your daughter has an Exchange email account that has gone awry it could be causing constant polling but that would also be running her battery down in short order. But even that would not have come close to 16GB.


    The only way she would come close to that is downloading large files (think HD movies or TV shows), streaming lots of movies, or playing streaming video games with heavy graphics. You can check her iPhone under Video to see if she has a number of movies. If all of those are negative I would check back with Verizon and ask for a supervisor.

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    I would have her install the DataMan Pro app from the app store. This app will give you a complete breakdown of which apps are using data and at what times of the day or night the're using it. You can then proceed from there with a clear picture of what's going on.