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I had earlier updated my ios version to 6.1 beta 2 as a part of the iOS developer program.


Today I'm getting a message that I need to activate it, but when I try to do that from my ipad using the wireless connection it says that the activation server is temporarily unavailable. I checked my wireless connection and it works fine with another device.


I also tried connecting it to itunes and I'm getting the message that "the software has expired and must be updated".


I also tried to update and restore it from itunes but it didn't work. When I try to restore it is giving me a message "there was a problem downloading the software for the ipad. the requested source was not found". When I try to check for an update it says "This version of the iPad software (6.1) is the current version".


I can not even downgrade it to a lower iOS version because the beta 2 document says "Devices updated to iOS 6.1 beta can not be restored to earlier versions of iOS. Registered development devices will be able to upgrade to future beta releases and the final iOS 6.1 software."


So it seems that the only solution left for me is to wait until Apple releases another iOS version. That looks unfair.


Any help would be appreciated.


Device: iPad 2

iOS Version: iOS 6.1 beta 2

iPad 2