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Have had ipad mini 32gb black for two weeks. Now, all of a sudden, keeps rebooting to apple logo. Rarely gets to the home screen and then reboots automatically again.  Can't even get it to show as a device in itunes when connected to my macbook. Help!

iPad, iOS 6.0.1, iPad mini 32G
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    Called support.  Made me restore in itunes by plugging in and turning ipad on while holding the home button til prompted to restore device on the itunes screen.  Once let go and press restore, the device will be restored to factory.  Hope that you had it synced to the computer. Apple products are getting worse in the category of "they just work".  They are taking more work to keep them functioning.

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    So has the problem gone away?   After three restores by me and one complete wipe by the apple store, mine is still doing it.   Just bought it two months ago.    Finally, getting a replacement.  

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    Mine has been doing it for sometime. Its about to get its THIRD trip back to Apple because the technicians cant seem to reporduce the issue so they do nothing and send it back. Oddly, all I have to do is plug it in. to any wall outlet , computer, and wait.


    It works fine if its not plugged in. Im pretty darn dissapointed about this while thing. Ive only had it since 1/11/2013


    By the end of it this is mini is going to be worth its weight in gold with all the fuel its burned spending time between Me and Cali.

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    you should know that is not only your mini iPad is rebooting itself, mine too, iPad 3g+wifi 64 gb that i used for 2 years more begin to restart itself.


    i solved this problem using RESET ALL SETTINGS after you get back to home screen, just go fast to Settings - General, Reset menu. and push reset all settings option. and wait for 6-10 minutes to see if its restarting or not again.

    strange is, even i reset all settings, there are few settings can't change... for example if i set restrictions and there are passcode to open these settings. normally, iOS will remove all settings, but it doesn't...

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    Mine's having that kind of problem too. I only bought my iPad Mini last feb 24, then it suddenly keeps rebooting by itself 3 weeks ago. The first time it happened, I was able to fix it by resetting it, but now, it keeps restarting every day. Do you guys know what's causing it? I doubt that it's the apps cause I tried erasing everything on my iPad Mini but the rebooting didn't stop. This is so frustrating that I wanna cry.

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    Hey There,

    Sorry you are having iths problem too :/


    I ended up getting my mini replaced. Even though the apple techs were unable to recreate the issue. I took it to one of the "Mac Stores" in my area and showed them what it was doing. They kept it for a couple of days and determined it was something with the mini not the cable, apps or software.


    If you have an authorized apple repair facility near you i'd suggest opening a ticket with them to look at it. If they cant fix it apple will listen to them more than you...which is sad, but I understand why.


    Good luck.


    The last thing Ill say is...APPLE CARE APPLE CARE APPLE CARE..it might seem pricey but when you need it you'll be glad you have it!!!

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    I'm having this problem with my iPad Mini (about 6 months old, 64GB WIFI+3G).


    It only happens if I charge it to full capacity, such as overnight. It gives me a blank look (ie, does nothing) for about 10 minutes if I try to start it up, after which it will power on and boot to the apple logo, reboot to the apple logo, then repeat for anywhere from 10 to 20 times, after which my passcode screen will appear and it acts like nothing has happened. I've done multiple hard resets, although I've resisted doing an all–out restore to factory settings. Any alernatives? Is this actually a hardware problem, perhaps it is overcharging?


    Many thanks!

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    My iPad mini now does this rebooting by itself too. Any solutions?

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    I clicked restore Ipad, but it said to turn off find my ipad in the ipad settings. I have a 16gb Ipad Mini that i got for Christmas, had it for about 7 months. I put in the passcode to my Ipad, and it instantly goes to the apple logo. NEVER shows the home screen. Even when I use my notifications to get into my ipad, I go to the home screen, and it is blank. Help please??

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    Thanks allot  this actually helped for my sons iPad mini simple resolution  appreciate it very much it was just sitting down collecting dust until i read this thread.

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    My iPad mini  now does this rebooting by itself too. did restore 4 times, but still have same problem. Any solutions?


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    **** mine too......just started re-booting it's self for no reason....deleted all back to factory settings and still doing it.apple store don't give a **** as I was not buying a new one so they were not interested in my issue......WELDONE APPLE ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER YOU DONT GIVE A **** ABOUT