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I am in the process of reformatting my 2TB Seagate which has been giving me problems for quite sometime. A major portion of my works have been already copied to two other drives. I intend to use this reformatted drive for TM backup purpose. While on the reformat process I encountered three options:




I know that the third option is not for me and I do not know which of the first two options will meet my need. Can anyone please educate me in this matter?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5), garage band, FCPX:10.0.6 version
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    is the first one - GUID...


    Not sure what problems you had with that drive but if you are plannning to use it for backup (TC) you want to make 100% sure it is a properly working drive, do you not?

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    Thanks for The replies and concern.


    The concerned drive was originally in 3 partitions, all in NTFS. At that time I was a windows user. After buying my Mac [mainly using it for video editing purpose] I have got all the 3 partitions reformatted as Mac ext. journalled. Of late, FCPX would not open when this drive was plugged in, the reason being: a corrupt data base. I tried testing the drive with disk utility in which it stated that 2 of the volumes were in need of repair, and when I pressed the repair button, DU could nor repair because of this reason:3g.png


    Subsequently, the disk would not eject at all and I had to force quit. Today when I plugged in this drive to my Mac, I found that the first volume of the drive [Seagate Camera Archives] has been christened as disk1s1, and when I tried to reformat the same, it gave this notification: the drive has to be reformatted.


    That's the history. Right now, when I had selected GUID and tried to partition/erase [tried both], DU would not do it but gave this pop up:





    What should I do next?

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    Do you have any data on that drive that you need to recover?

    Ideally if you highlight Seagate in the left pane and go to the Partition tab and remove the problematic if not all partitions.

    the you can start over by adding new partions and formating them.

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    somanna wrote:


    I am in the process of reformatting my 2TB Seagate which has been giving me problems for quite sometime.


    Many users have reported issues and dissatisfaction with the Goflex drives... just search the Forum.


    somanna wrote:


    What should I do next?


    IMO...  buy another Drive to use as your Time Machine Backup.



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    The answer of AnaMusic is correct.

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    Thanks for your questions and and answers. As I have mentioned earlier [A major portion of my works have been already copied to two other drives. ] I have been very fortunate in being able to retrieve most of my works from this sick drive 3 weeks ago itself and have them now in two other HDs [one of them is a LaCie and the other is another Seagate]. I do not have to fear about loss of data but my apprehension is directed towards this: what will the absence of this drive's data have upon the projects which I have on them...FCPX is a complex application and I hope that the job of duplicating [with the used clips] of my projects which I had done via FCPX and not via Finder will be read without trouble by FCPX.


    I have a special fear over this matter: upon advice received in this forums, I had redirected iTunes file storage to this 'sick or dying' ext HD. I know that as and when I start working upon FCPX I will be knowing the answer myself, but until then, the apprehension remains.

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    Sorry for this delay. Thanks for your observation regarding performance of Goflex agent. Do wish I had this information with me two months ago! I had purchased a new 2TB Goflex drive at about that time.


    My earlier Goflex seems to have 'died'...just one year into its use. It is covered by a 'limited warranty', but, the damage has been done.


    I reside at Hyderabad, India, and in a recent visit to a digital shop I found out that they for sale only the ext. HDs of only three companies viz. WD, BUFFALO and Seagate.


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