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  • lightspeedguru Level 1 Level 1

    Care to elaborate a little? I'm having the same problem but I have A and MX records on both my server and my domain registrar and as of upgrading to 10.8 Server my mail server won't send or receive email.


    The 'Forwarding Server' in my DNS panel is set to my router. I have one host name set to my server's IP and the create MX record checkbox is checked. When I show all, it expands the one entry into three lines that all say the same host name but with different words after them... 'machine', 'mail exchanger', and 'name server'.


    At my registrar, I created an A record for and pointed it to the static IP of my Mac mini... I created an MX record this name as well.


    What am I doing wrong?

  • UptimeJeff Level 4 Level 4



    If you post your real domain, we can lookup your DNS.

    But yout post mentions that you upgraded to 10.8, so your problem is likely the server config and not DNS.

    (if your public DNS worked with an older server, it should work with the new).


    We need to see snippets from your mail logs.


    Post that info and we'll move forward.

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    Okay so I got stuff running by resetting my server a couple of times (time consuming I know) and try stuff over and over again. But my major problem was the DNS at my provider therefore I have some questions for you.


    1. Do you have a static IP (givien by your ISP)(not DYNDNS NO IP or whatever)?

    2. Check on your MX-Records(!!) ( I use the same set up (A-Record/MX-Record).

    3. Do you have a machine which is responding to your MX-Record?? This is important! Make sure you use the show all option first, then create a machine called (I suggest you use after that you create a MX-Record with the same name (

    4. Did you check your log files for anything weird (it showed me some interessting stuff)?


    If this doesn't help you please give us your real domain name so we can check on it and the log files.


    PS: I would never upgrade when working on/with a server! Always do a clean reinstall especially with something like a server!! The upgrading methon provided by Apple is very end-user friendly but it was shown by devs who know about this stuff how much you can damadge your data.

  • lightspeedguru Level 1 Level 1

    I received this message from Apple...


    The problem you are encountering is a known issue and will be resolved in a future Server update. In the meantime you can resolve by going into Terminal and entering the following:


              sudo serveradmin settings mail:postfix:required_hits = 6

    Problem solved immediately!

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