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I shot video with a Nikon AW100 and made a quick video and everything worked fine.


The next day, I tried importing more clips for another video and it crashed every time. No settings were changed on the camera or software.


I trashed Final Cut, reinstalled it and got the same issue.


I installed it on another Mac with the same problem there as well.


Can anyone help me with this?

Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,265 points)

    Most likely the type of files your camera produces.

    FCE only works with specific types.


    Can you post a screen shot of the Clip Properties?

    Right click a clip in the Browser and select Item Properties for the info.


    Doing the same for the Sequence icon will also be helpful.


    If you cannot post a screen shot relay all the info.



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    I'm not sure that would be the issue.


    It worked fine with clips from the camera one day, the next day it didn't.


    I did find that the clips will import if I go to "import" instead of doing my usual drag-and-drop.


    Also, I have plenty of free space on the drive, so that would not be it either.


    I have no idea what happened and I just can't dedicate any more time to it at the moment as deadlines are coming up.


    Thanks for trying to help.

  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,265 points)

    Log and Capture should be the way to ingest clips unless you have a FireWire port on your camera.


    In any case without specifics on the Clips and Sequence as requested it's only guesswork.



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    Some info, please ...


    What versions of OS X and FCE are you using?   Exactly what model Mac are you using?

    What settings did you use in your camera when you shot the video that worked?  That didn't work?


    What Easy Setup are you using in FCE?


    A few things that may be contributing factors ...


    • Only FCE 4.01 on an Intel Mac supports AVCHD video
    • However your camera (the AW100) may not exactly be an AVCHD camera ...  it shoots MPEG4/AVC H.264 which is not quite the same as AVCHD
    • FCE does not work with H.264 video; the video needs to be transcoded to QuickTime/Apple Intermediate Codec to be used in FCE (before being imported into FCE)
    • Two of the shooting modes in the AW100 are not supported in FCE:  1080p and iFrame
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    Thanks Martin,


    it is FCE 3.5, so that explains it.


    It also appears that on FCE 3.5, the 720 files are not fully supported as they will ingest sometimes and crash the program at other times.


    Since you seem to be familiar with the AW100, do you know if the files it produces are compatable with the latest version of iMovie?