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I updated to iTunes 11 last night and since then I've had a problem with syncing TV Shows to my AppleTV.


I haven't been able to transfer TV episode to my AppleTV or transfer purchases from it to my iMac.

Music and Music Videos have been syncing just fine.


And just as I was starting this post, I tried syncing a short film film from the Movie library, and not only did it transfer, but it has also "forced" two ticked TV episodes to sync also.


Does anyone know what could be causing this?


I'm not bother by AppleTV purchases not copying to my iTunes library as I'm short on space anyway - previous iTunes have forced me transfer purchases first so I prefer not having to do that.



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    For me the same when I try to synchronize wifi iPhone; I can do it if I reboot the iPhone.

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    Syncing over WiFi didn't work at first - I connected the USB and saw the option for WiFi syncing was not selected.


    More info on my problem, iTunes crashed and when I re-opened I still couldn't sync by clicking Apply.


    However, I was able to start a sync with File > Devives > Sync AppleTV.


    It seems to be working, but my iPhone doesn't appear under File > Devices ???