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Leider wurde schon dreimal mein Account gesperrt, da mein Konto über ClickandBuy nicht ausgeglichen war.


Bei den beiden letzten male, lag es an einer Änderung meiner Bankverbindung, welche ich versehentlich nicht bei ClickandBuy geändert habe.


Jetzt habe ich das Problem, das Apple sich weigert meinen Account wieder freizuschalten da es schon dreimal Probleme mit der Zahlung gab.


Derzeit liegen keine offenen Forderungen vor und ich habe ein Guthaben von ca. 1,50€ bei iTunes.


Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen?


ich besitze seit 8 Tagen ein neues iPhone und kann den Appstore nicht nutzen, das frustriert mich.


Einen Mac Mini und einen iMac benutze ich seit 4 Jahren.


Unfortunately, three times my account has been blocked because my account was not compensated through ClickandBuy.


The last two times, it was because of a change in my bank account, which I have not accidentally changed at ClickandBuy.


Now I have the problem that Apple refuses to unlock my account back it three times already were problems with payment.


There are no outstanding debts and I have a balance of about € 1.50 on iTunes.


Can someone help me?


I have 8 days since a new iPhone and can not use the AppStore, which frustrates me.


A Mac Mini and an iMac I use for 4 years.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1, iTunes and AppStore
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    Mammolshain wrote:




    Now I have the problem that Apple refuses to unlock my account back it three times already were problems with payment.


    Can someone help me?



    Nobody here can... Only Apple can... Suggest you contact them again.

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    iTunes weigert sich weiterhin meinen Account freizuschalten und verweist auf ClickandBuy, da nur sie Zugriff auf mein iTuneskonto haben


    iTunes still refuses to unlock my account and points to ClickandBuy, since only they have access to my iTunes account

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    Can you post their reply to you so I can view it myself?

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    Sehr geehrter Herr Liedtke,


    vielen Dank für Ihre E-Mail.


    Ich kann Ihre Frustrationen darüber, dass wir Ihren Account kein weiteres Mal reaktivieren können, verstehen.


    Bitte beachten Sie dass ich als Mitarbeiter des iTunes Stores keinerlei Weisungsbefugnis gegenüber ClickandBuy habe, da ClickandBuy keine Tochterfirma von Apple ist. ClickandBuy ist lediglich eine anerkannte Zahlungsmethode für iTunes Accounts, hier gleichzusetzen mit beispielsweise einem Kreditkarteninstitut.


    Ich kann Sie daher leider nur erneut darum bitten, sich nochmals an ClickandBuy zu wenden und darum zu bitten, dass diese die korrekte Abteilung bei Apple kontaktieren - die Reaktivierung wird in einem solchen Fall nicht über die iTunes Supportabteilung vorgenommen.


    Ich kann gut verstehen, dass Sie mit unserer konsequenten Entscheidung nicht zufrieden sind und möchte Sie daher bitten, Ihre Kritik unter folgendem Link zum Ausdruck zu bringen:




    Ich wünsche Ihnen noch einen schönen Tag und hoffe sehr, dass Ihnen ClickandBuy weiterhelfen kann.


    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


    Patrick Herrmann


    iTunes Store/Mac App Store Customer Support



    Ich bedanke mich für die Möglichkeit, Ihnen helfen zu dürfen.




    Dear Mr. Liedtke,



    Thank you for your email.



    I can understand your frustration about the fact that we can reactivate your account, no further time.



    Please note that I, as an employee of the iTunes Store do not have any authority over ClickandBuy ClickandBuy there is no subsidiary of Apple. ClickandBuy is merely an accepted payment method for iTunes accounts, here equated with, for example, a credit card company.



    I therefore ask you can unfortunately only once about himself again to turn to ClickandBuy and to ask that they contact the correct department at Apple - the reactivation is not in such a case made ​​on the iTunes Support Department.



    I can well understand that you are consistent with our decision not satisfied and would therefore ask you to bring your criticism to the following link to apply:






    I wish you a nice day and hope that you can help ClickandBuy.






    Patrick Herrmann



    iTunes Store / Mac App Store Customer Support




    I am grateful for the opportunity to help you.


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    Damnit, sorry I didn't realize you corresponded with the German que. Im not going to be able to understand that, now. I guess I should be careful in the future for what I ask for


    Did they say you had an outstanding order or something?


    If you could use a different email, write in to

    iTunes Store Support



    again, and this time do everything in english. They'll prob put you in the English European que, and then I can understand a bit better. And we'll have the opinions of two seperate advisors here.

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    okay I have it up again translated into English :-)

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    Ok thanks. So the account was then disabled and this is the third time it's disabled?


    Genereally, this is due to outstanding orders, but you mentioned there is no debts. I'm not sure myself what could have happened between click & buy and iTunes. Are you sure you have the exact same address for both accounts?


    If only this wasn't disabled, you could dump Click & Buy if you had to and just use something else like gift cards.


    I''ll tell you what. Do what I said to get a second opinion. E-mail iTunes again (but use a different email address), otherwise you may end up with the exact same advisor. Try to get into the English que, and let's see what happens here.

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    Thanks for the answer.



    Yes, my account was disabled for the third time.



    Right, there are no amounts outstanding on iTunes and my credit is 1.23 €. still refuses the iTunes store to activate my account again because he was disabled already three times.



    My credit was last charged with a gift card. Unfortunately I can not use it because of the iTunes store refuses to reactivate my account.



    ClickandBuy has informed me the CAB can not activate the account, but even iTunes and the iTunes Store insists the only CAB reactivate my account again.



    I'll link to it from CAB to iTunes and iTunes after CAB and no one is able to reactivate it.



    Thanks for the tip. I will try with a different e-mail address to communicate with another iTunes consultant in contact.

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    Thank you,


    The problem was solved.


    I have done everything as you have beschriben it.


    iTunes U.S. has activated my account again.

    You have really a great support, which we can only dream of in Germany.



    Sincerely yours


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    It may not be anything wrong that the German advsor did. They could have been following policy, but the US advisor may not have known yet, and hence circumvented this


    I am a bit worried that your account may run into the same problem again in the future, but we will see how it goes.