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Here's an odd one...


I exported JPEG versions of ~400 photos which I then uploaded to a Smugmug website. All the photos had caption info. I noticed that two of the photos on the website had their captions switched (i.e. Photo A had caption from photo B and vice versa). All other photos are fine. I re-exported the two photos as JPEG and re-imported the the photos into a new Aperture project and confirmed the captions were reversed again. All other image metadata appears to be fine.


I have never seen this happen after exporting thousands of photos (but I usually don't check the caption info closely). I am concerned that this may be happening more often, but I just haven't noticed before.


These are scanned images of old photos (not a digital photographs) and the original scanned file is in JPEG format.


Has anybody else seen this issue, or have any ideas why this would happen?