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I have four accounts configured in iChat 6.0.2 (1011) running under 10.7.5 Lion  Three connect just fine.  The fourth, my Google Chat account, will say "Connecting..." for a little while, then "Disconnected".  How do I find out what it's unhappy about?  Yes, I know I could delete and re-add the account, etc.  But rather than blindly stab at possible solutions, how do I find out what the actual issue is?  Where are the error messages or logs?

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    There may be something in the Console App (Applications/Utilities) although iChat and Messages tend to be relatively good at at least telling you something.


    This sounds like it is not even getting a response from the Google server.

    Check the iChat Menu > Preferences > Accounts > Google Account.

    In Server Settings does it list Port 5223, talk.google.com and is using SSL ?


    Go to the Account Info tab and untick "Use this Account"

    Go back to Server Settings and Change the port to 443  (Google accepts logins on this port)


    You may also want to check your router is allowing connections on port 5223.

    (If it is using Port Forwarding to do this is the computer at the IP that the Port Forwarding is pointing to)

    If you are using UPnP then there should be no problem.



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