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I am fed up with Spring and Apple passing me off to one another and neither will fix the problem. I am unable to receive a connection on my phone.

The internet goes out and I have to reset network setting each and every time. This is only a temporary solution which by the time I release the line with Spring or leave the apple store the issue is back. Sprint indicates that it is a know issue with the Iphone 5 and apple says it is a network issue as Sprint's network is not up to par with the Iphone and can not meet the expectations on the Iphone 5.


I have attached a few picture, as you can see it clearly says I have 5 bars and 3g available but I have no connections what so ever.

This issue affects all data and so I can not send or receive picture messages, use apps, or access the internet. The data goes in and out intermittently and it seems the phone chooses what I can and can't do.


For example I can watch Youtube or Vevo videos but I can not access Facebook or Instagram.


Is anyone else having this issue?


I will soon loose my patience....


I have reset my phone three time and have reset network and other setting mutltiple times.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1