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I have a MacBook 13" 2.4 ghz Intel Core 2 duo. I upgraded to 10.8.2 and now my sound doesn't work at all. I downloaded Boom and managed to get it going but even that has failed since I rebooted. The sound is permanently muted and is greyed out. Any ideas?

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Greyed out?? That's kinda odd... did you do an "upgrade" install or did you do an erase-and-install?    

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    Yep. Greyed out. I did an upgrade install using the Apple website. TBH, I'm not sure that I like 10.8.2 at all. Not only has it taken the sound out, it seems to be as slow as Windows now. I wouldn't recommend this upgrade.

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    I will try this again when I get home, however it was one of the things recommended when I first had the issue and I tried it without success. I have read on some websites that the AppleHDA.kext file is the root of the issue, but I don't really know how to reinstall this and don'r want to turn my MacBook into a doorstop.

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    Understandable, but keep in mind that upgrading to a newer OS will almost always result in a degradation in performance. Depending on your computer's hardware, that degradation might be so small that it's unnoticeable, or so noticeable that it's unusable. Newer operating systems more often than not have higher requirements when it comes to memory, processing power, graphics, etc., and that's the case whether you're talking about Windows, Mac, Linux. Sometimes, the new version is optimized to run better than the previous version on the same hardware (think Windows Vista vs. 7), but that's more of an exception than a rule.


    That said, the easiest way to solve both the issue of the missing sound and of the missing performance would be to 1) backup your data and 2) restore back to factory settings using your installation DVDs (or, depending on your computer model, restoring through Internet Recovery). This would bring back the original software, which would contain the correct drivers (.kext files) for audio and the rest of the hardware, as well as installing the operating system for which your computer was designed (thus giving you back the performance of when it was out of the box). Sorry for the long post, but hope this helps!

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    Well, thanks for the input. I put a call into the Apple support desk as nothing seemed to work. They phoned me back yesterday morning by which time it had 'miraculously' started working again. I am none the wiser as to the problem or the solution and although the guy on the phone was obviously going to help me out big time, because the problem had gone away we couldn't investigate.


    If anyone hears of anything then I'd love to hear from you.