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Where did all the older iMovie HD themes go?

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 Level 6



    iMovie 1 to HD6 - is one application that evolved.


    iMovie'08 to 11 - in my opinion totally WRONG NAMED as iMovie and by this implying any relationship at all - AND THERE IS NON - It is a totally new breed and no old functions or Plug-Ins can work here at all.


    If Apple had named the product right - it had had my 100% sympathy but by taking credits of a vastly superior product - it only made me sorry.


    So - There is no THEMES in iMovie'08 to 11


    BTW - Apple did this again with FinalCut - when selling iMovie Pro-X as FinalCut Pro-X - this has nothing to do with original FinalCut either.


    Yours - sorry to be of no comfort - Bengt W