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Robert Belbeck Level 1 (25 points)

I searched this site and google and found no solutions to this.


I just installed Itunes 11 and the scroll bar appears to be missing. I can get just the edge of it to appear by clicking the maximize button at the top of the screen (But even that button is barely on the screen). Once I click it I can just barely see enough of the scroll bar to know that it is probably there, but not enough to use it. Also, when I minimize the screen ( I think I am minimizing it, can't see enough of the button or sidebar to know), the view doesn't get small enough to grab the edge so I can change the size. I tried changing my display so I could see more, but it doesn't help. The scroll bar appears to be designed to be off the page/screen and unusable.


I have absolutely no problem seeing and using the scroll bar with any other program. And, with thousands of songs I need the scroll bar in itunes. I would revert back to itunes 10, but my ipad was updated and will no longer work with 10. Itunes is worthless if I can't view my music by using the scroll bar. Turning the mouse wheel and using the arrow keys take way too long.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the scroll bar back? Thanks in advance!


Windows 7, 64 bit all updates on both itunes and windows.

  • Robert Belbeck Level 1 (25 points)

    Ok, my entire IT department started working on this. At first they couldn't believe it. Then after 3-4 of them stopped by they did believe it. They all did the same things I did. Minimize, maximize, change screen res, change display size/shape, etc. Cost me a fortune in Mountain Dew (just kidding).

    Finally someone found a bandaid. But, it probably won't work if itunes automatically opens when my ipad is plugged in.

    We right clicked on the itunes icon on the home screen and went to properties. It was set for "normal window". When we changed it to "maximized" it didn't help. But, when we changed it to "minimized", then clicked on the minimized icon at the bottom of the screen to maximize/open the program, it appeared with a usable scroll bar. Kind of a PITA, but it works.

  • rvidxrklvn84 Level 1 (0 points)

    I Installed iTunes 11 yesterday and had no problems with the scroll bar until today.  I am having the same problem as you, but if I minimize the window and then open it, the scroll bar appears, but thats still annoying to have to minimize the window everytime I open iTunes.  I know its over there, but you can't reach it, it was perfect yesterday, but now it doesn't want the scroll bar on the screen.  Another really annoying thing about iTunes 11 is now in album view, I can't change the size of the Album Covers, you can in artists view though, but I don't use that.  Why does iTunes always have these problems constantly, Windows Media Player has had it right since day one, Apple just needs to copy that completely and quit having this sloppy mess, such as with the way it organizes its folders. 

  • Robert Belbeck Level 1 (25 points)

    SOmetimes I think companies make improvements that don't improve the product, just the satisfaction of their designers. Too often too many cooks spoil the stew.

  • darklydrawl Level 1 (30 points)

    Yeah, I have reported this to Apple.  What a pain in the ar$e that is.  Who came up with that idea?  Didn't they do any bug testing at all on this release?

    I also had problems with the status bar (it was active, but showed nothing at all).  Useless.


    Rolled back to V10, much happier.  V11 is riddled with bugs and UI issues.  Bah.

  • scarp68 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so much for this help. it is a PITA but at least it is there. My husband has been complaining about this ever since he installed iTunes 11 and I got major wifey brownie points tonight by getting this solution for him.  Thanks!

  • darklydrawl Level 1 (30 points)

    "Major Wifey Points" hehehehehe Nice one - lovin' that.  Good luck with V11, after a couple of days of stuffing around I found it wasn't worth the hassle, the bugs and UI issues and went back to 10 - worth considering.

    Others on here suggested Winamp as well, I downloaded that and it is actually pretty good too - very painless to set up and imported all of the existing itunes playlist.  Also worth a look if iTunes is no longer rocking you boat like it used to.


    And no, I don't have any interested in either product. Just looking for something to play my MP3 without all the issues that iTunes 11 has introduced.

  • Robert Belbeck Level 1 (25 points)

    We bought the ipad for my mother-in-law since she was having problems with her computer. After 2 months it didn't work out so my wife has it now. I have a 10.1" android.


    Itunes 11 is one of the reasons I am considering selling the ipad and getting my wife a more versatile android. Besides the problems with itunes 11, I can't understand the restrictions purposely written into the programming on the ipad: Locking it into itunes, can't view full sized images or movies directly from an sd card in the camera connector kit (important since we are photogs with many gigs of photos when traveling), can't connect it directly to the camera while shooting like we can with the android, can't simply drag books, files, etc., directly from my laptop to the device, the incomprehensible use of icons instead of words, can't add sd card memory, the ultra-slow downloads from itunes, etc. As far as our needs go, it is basically just an e-reader and not a usable tool like the android. Nice weight, screen and keyboard, etc., though.


    Since it is only a couple months old and we would take a big loss on it if we sell it, I may jailbreak it to see if that helps. I am sorry to admit that this foray into apple products is not working well for us. Seems to be one negative after another. I was really hoping this would work out and do what we needed it to do. Oh well.

  • Mark Turrell Level 1 (15 points)

    you're not the only one.

    my scroll bar is hidden off the right hand side, and my status bar is hidden  behind the windows status bar. i have to jiggle the window around to get the scroll bar to show, but it keeps auto resizing and dissapearing.

    garbage QA.

  • Hal4redskins Level 1 (0 points)

    I got the scroll bar and the number of songs back by resizing the window. Do the following:

    Minimize the screen so that you can barely see the scroll bar on the right.  Run the mouse over to the edge until the <-> appears. Drag the window left until the entire scroll bar is visable.  Do the same with the bottom of the window and the song count will appear. Everything is now like Itunes 10.

  • darklydrawl Level 1 (30 points)

    Actually, it is not like iTunes 10 at all.


    And you will note that the scrolll bar and status info keep vanishing again periodically - useless.


    iTunes 11 is one big buggy release with a whole host of issues and a dumbed down UI - what where they thinking?  Apple should be ashamed of themselves.

  • jeremymaxwell Level 1 (10 points)

    I have the same problem when trying to choose playlists to sync with my iPad. I have no way to avoid the rubber band effect when I get near the bottom of the playlists. It just bounces back up with no way to click anytthing beyond what is immediately viewable. I thought I would search around here and find a simple "Oh, Duh" fix. I'm amazed that there is nothing to be found to deal with what seems to be a pretty major issue.

  • Robert Belbeck Level 1 (25 points)

    Hal, sorry, that might work on your system, but it won't work on my 64bit Windows 7. As stated in the original post, the edge is so far to the right that the screen can't be minimized to a point where the cursor can grab the edge and change the size.

  • Lee_Dailey Level 1 (10 points)

    howdy y'all,


    one thing that still works is the standard alt-space command to enable the system menu. that contains a size command that you can select and then resize the itunes window. the nifty thing about the system menu is that it will _always_ show it'self on the screen - even if the upper right corner is off the screen. plus, you can use the arrow keys and not the mouse.


    handy, that. [*grin*]


    take care,


  • Robert Belbeck Level 1 (25 points)

    Sorry Lee. As stated, when minimized on my system the display still does not get small enough to grab the edge. Even after changing the monitor settings and not filling the whole screen. I kind of think if every other software company in the country can make a workable program then Apple should be able to do it.

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