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So after I bounce a project to my desktop, so I can hear what the project sounds like in MP3 format, where is it within Logic in case I want to go back and do some additonal mixing??? I have looked everywhere, including Logic and within my desktop folder...which is where it should be...right?


It's almost like the projects have disappeared into thin air.





iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    It's in the project folder.


    Since you may not know where that is, just open logic, go to the file menu. select "open recent" and it should be there.

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    Thanks for your reply.


    Ain't there. That's the first place I looked before starting this thread. Alas, I am losing my mind!

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    A bounced file is NOT referenced in Logic, unless you bounce to PCM (AIFF, WAV, SDII) and you tell Logic to add it to the Audio Bin. In which case it will be referenced in... the Audio Bin!


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    With MP3, this is not so, mainly because MP3 is a delivery format, not a mixing format. Mixing should always be done with PCM files. The only advantage of compression is that you get a smaller file. Disadvantages: it is of lesser quality, and it takes MORE CPU power to play back.


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    Also, within the bounce window you can navigate ANYWHERE to put your file, though Logic will try and point to its current "Project Folder"/Bounces.


    If you still can't find it, just do a Spotlight search. By name, or by creation date, etc.

    Also, it is not recommended to bounce to the desktop, there are reports about erratic behaviour when doing that. Just bounce to the Project Folder, it makes more sense in many ways.

    The desktop is actually an open folder within your User folder: Macintosh HD/Users/"you"/Desktop unlike  any other folder it always shows its content when that user is logged in.

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    Wow! Never knew that. Great info. I'm glad I asked and I am not indeed crazy.


    The only reason why I was bouncing in MP3 to my desktop is because I like to send a quick email to myself with the attached MP3 file so I can have a listen on my iPhone. . .seems to be a pretty easy way considering that the attachment has to be very small in size [I think it's 5 MB max] in order to be sent.


    Thanks Eriksimon. . .you definitely know your stuff!

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    You're welcome.