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For the last few years we have been getting a weekly report in email form from iTunesU - it contains an Excel spreadsheet showing number of downloads, etc, for our iTunesU site.


We've not paid much attention to iTunesU, because the reports for the last year or so have shown only 1 or 2 downloads per week for our site.  So we wrote it off as not popular with our users. 


More recently I've logged on to the web interface for iTunesU, and found that the report page in there lists hundreds or thousands of downloads per week for our site. 


Can anyone explain why our reports via email are so different to the numbers on the web interface?  Are we getting reports for an old inactive site perhaps? 




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    The emailed Excel spreadsheets you are receiving from iTunes U are most likely for your instituion's redundant iTunes U site relaced by the iTunes U Public Site Manager. Why you are getting any downloads on this site I don't know but it is the same for our intitution. Apple stopped sending the emailed reports for the active iTunes U sites sometime ago and now you have access to reports via web interface for iTunes U as you have discovered and you can also access the raw data via the iTunes U API. I use the API so I can create custom reports.


    There is a third party option Pyxis http://pyxis.pedavoli.com. It's good, it's free and these are the guys whom built the web interface for iTunes U.


    Hope this helps?



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    Thanks Anton,


    That does help - at least I'm not the only one.  It would be good if we could figure out how to stop the weekly emails. 


    We've had someone diligently saving the emails each week.  I've told them to not worry about it from now on. 


    I'll check out the API if we need to learn more about our usage - for now it is good enough to know that the site is actually getting used! 



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    The link to Pyxis doesn't work for me. Did the site close down?





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    Hi Katie,


    Send us an email here at contact@pedavoli.com in regards to Pyxis and we'll see what we can do to help out.