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Has anyone else experienced this issue? I started compressor and forgot about it. Several days later, I find my system is using massive amounts of swap: 23 GIGs. I have a 16 gig machine, so this is really crazy. I rebooted and that cleared it up. Did another project, and several days later it was massive swap again. I wasn't sure what it was - some website, a virus, some other app, but today I noticed before rebooting a process called "unfsd". I did a "ps -aef | grep unfsd" in the terminal, and I see it comes from:

/Applications/Compressor.app/Contents/PlugIns/Compressor/CompressorKit.bundle/Co ntents/Frameworks/Qmaster.framework/Versions/A/Resources/unfsd -e /Users/jrab/Library/Application Support/Apple Qmaster/exports -m 1024 -n 1024 -t -L /Users/jrab/Library/Application Support/Apple Qmaster/Logs/unfsd.log -s -d -p


The log file is just filling up with (hundreds of entries):

Mon Dec  3 21:43:10 2012: /Users/jrab/Library/Application Support/Apple Qmaster/Storage/D9B7C843-719FF976/shared: ip mask options 4

Mon Dec  3 21:43:10 2012: /Users/jrab/Library/Application Support/Apple Qmaster/Storage/D9B7C843-719FF976/shared: ip mask options 4

Mon Dec  3 21:43:10 2012: /Users/jrab/Library/Application Support/Apple Qmaster/Storage/D9B7C843-719FF976/shared: ip mask options 4


every 30 seconds or so. Up to 8 megs of text so far, but it seems to roll over since the entries started after my laterst reboot, about 2 hours ago.


Interestingly, the mem use when I started was 4 megs and 8 Virtual. Now, 2 hours later and not doing anything, it's 8.5 megs and 23 megs.


This is pretty crazy. I can't believe this isn't a known issue. Is there any information on it? I haven't found any yet.



MacBook Pro (17-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3), 16 gigs
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    Hi Jrab I just stumbled over your post looking for something unrelated. I'd propose these messages are related to the QMASTER component or one its its sub component services.. So if u haven't resolved this I'd suggest trying to isolate then remedy


    Step 1: turn off Qmaster. Do this by using compressor 4's application "apple qmaster" menu and click on item "share this computer" . Select the "setup" tab and maker sure "share this compute" is UNTICKED. It wil scream and yell but just stop Qmaster


    Step 2: then restart your mac. This will start restart the system log too


    Step 3: use the activity monitor to see of qmasterd is started and that any COMPRESSOR tasks are NOT started


    Step 4: rerun your compressor job. You have no clustering nor computer plus, so jus submit to "this computer"


    Ok your Job runs fine and there probably no more messages as u describe. If so then I'd suspect that these messages are from the communications bit of compressor trying to access or mount its shared cluster storage for other compressor hosts to use.


    Now before you restart Qmaster, simply go into the ~/library/applications support/Qmaster and DELETE the folder called Storage.. Don't worry, Qmaster will allocate a new one.


    Restart Qmaster if u a using it, however this time go into the advanced tab instead of setup (as above) and move ten Qmaster cluster somewhere else if u like.

    Then click on the "share this computer" and set up the services only or whatever u have used

    Also select the network subsets u are using. DON'T LET IT DEFAULT TO ALL. Select one . This has always been an issue for me with qmaster tantrums...


    and save the setting.


    Wait a few minutes to let Qmaster start



    Now examine the logs again and see if those messages appear



    Post your results for others to see.





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    I'm afraid I wasn't so scientific, but I think the problem is resolved. No more balooning swap, at least. I started to do your steps but didn't have time to finish, then went to another project so never followed up. Recent;y however, I came back, wanting to make compressor work again.


    In the application monitor, I noticed that when qmaster was running, there were 64 bit and non 64 bit pieces.

    In the terminal, I found in "/usr/sbin" several qmaster files from 2008: qmasterca, qmasterd, qmasterprefs,qmasterqd. I deleted all of them, compressor, and anything in my ~/Library/ and /Library that had anything to do with qmaster. Including a qmaster system control panel. Then I re-downloaded and re-installed compressor. The older versions created conflicts that made everything crazy. Seems better now, at least so far, so good.