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I have some 24-bit music. I used a product to copy the files to 16-bit accidentally forgetting to change the sample rate. So I add the songs to Itunes and they show up as unknown in Itunes for the icloud status. Then I deleted all of the songs and the files. I made new copies of the songs, this time with the correct sample rate. The songs don't show up under music but I can see them in a playlist. There seemed to be know way to see the songs when displaying the whole collection. So then I deleted all of my music, and said to remove the songs from Icloud. Now this is weird. After doing the global delete, guess what happened? All of the songs that would not display before under Music now display as matched Apple lossless high bit rate and a correct 44.1 sample rate. These are the only songs left, the ones that wouldn't display before.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)