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The only time i can send a message is to another iphone u ser only through imessage. Why cant I send pictures to other phone users and while not in imessage?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1, Not sending pictures
  • stedman1 Level 9 (69,679 points)

    Do you have a MMS plan with your cellular provider?

    Have you contacted your cellular provider to determine if MMS is properly configured?

    Have you activated MMS from within Settings - Messages - MMS = On?

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    The MMS is in my plan im sure is there a way to find out from my phone? Cause I can turn on and off. Im able to send photos only through Imessages just found that out and thats cause of wifi. Besides that I cant send photos period or even receive from anyone. The MMS setting is currently on yes. I just thought there was an easier way then sitting for a long time waiting for someone to help me just to tell me they cant help me ya know.

  • stedman1 Level 9 (69,679 points)

    There are no settings on the iPhone, other than the ones you have checked, that affect MMS. You will need to contact your cellular provider to determine if MMS is properly configured. Which cellular provider are you using? Which country?