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  • KazTan Level 1 Level 1

    Of Cource you have that problem.

    Everyone have that problem


    First of all!
    I have +14.000 tracks on some 1500 LP's and CD's mostly imported with 5 % mgp3/320 bit and the rest Apple Lossless, iTunes is for serious listening. And porting to Sonos.
    In - I think iTunes 9-is.some version - the decoding and the listening of the audio experience too degraded seriously.
    The issue was fixed, but still - tracks imported at that time still suffers.


    NOW iTunes 11.0 & 11.01 HAS REPEATED THIS ISSUE 20 fold.


    Testing I have conducted on the output of both freshly imported CD /mpg3 files and "old" tracks, shows that the sound quality is so seriously degraded it can't really be termed HiFi anymore.
    The good old scoop shows some impressive "muddling" on the readout of the audio output.
    Just to check I have reverted to iTunes 10.6.3 (that took 6 hours of re-importing from my backup) and there is no problem at all…..with the music quality …the connectivity don't work at all.
    WHAT THE .... IS GOING ON with iTunes 11?


    And all the other stupidities.
    No matter how fixed and set, you became in your ways, then the ease with which one could jump from Playlist's to Imported to Music to Film to DJ to Radio ect.ect is gone.
    Every time you jump, you will have to start at the top of the list you left a moment ago because iTunes 11 starts from the top again.
    You can't open multiple windows and move your music from list to list in easy batches.
    There is the loss of all the multiple graphics you have attached your music tracks, the text which is added into the tracks is suddenly cumbersome to watch.
    AND SO ON. BUT….. you can connect to the appleTV3 box in your living-room -Hurrah Cheering Stomping of feets - great lousy music experience Waauh!!!!!.


    SO TRUE! The ease of the connectivity (wonder if thats a word?) has come up to date.
    That actually works - at the cost of audio quality, video grains and all other kind of smartness.
    AND YES! YES IT IS easier to get films, videos and of course to BUY.
    It has sadly become must more difficult to just find just the release You are looking for (ahh what a pun).


    In iTunes 11 ease of use has become amateur hour, coupled with money grapping on the (audio/visual) side.


    reLEARN TO write a PROGRAM Apple!

  • Pemahoo Level 1 Level 1

    I confirm the quality issues. The sound quality with itunes is terrible when playing mpeg4 files. VLC produces a much better sound quality than itunes on the same computer.

  • MakeYourOwnPizza Level 1 Level 1

    Just recently I plugged in a USB phone and unplugged it, and since, everything playing through iTunes sounded like really poor tin-can mp3 quality.  I fixed it.  I went to Finder>(Your User)>Library>Preferences.  I found and and dragged them to the trash and emptied the trash.  Reopened iTunes and worked fine again.  iTunes create new (non-buggy) preferences file.  You probably have to set any presets you liked before, but at least it doesn't sound like a tin-can!


    Hope that helps.  I'm actually pretty comfortable with the new interface.  It took a while to get used to, but now I know where everything is.

  • Mark T1 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey MakeYourOwnPizza, I did what you suggested and it fixed my sound issue. Thanks.

  • Distorted bass Level 1 Level 1

    Ey! This made it a lot better! thank you, and I will make my own pizza!

  • elbenoit Level 1 Level 1

    I was having this problem too. Drove me nuts for hours. 


    Mac OS 10.9. iTunes 11.1.2.


    For some inexplicable reason, playback of exisiting files suddenly sounded terrible, scratchy and distorted, as if they were over-modulated or the pre-amp was cranked up to high.


    These same files had always played fine.


    I opened the iTunes Equalizer, un-checked it and the problem went away. Re-checked equalizer, the problem returned.


    I was able to 'fix' the problem by messing with the equalizer setting, basically just checking and un-checking EQ with differeent pre-sets and changing the pre-amp setttings (high / low) then reselecting default EQ presets.. So far so good. Fingers crossed.


    Good luck!

  • Jessie871 Level 1 Level 1

    Has anyone been able to figure this out? I have the same issue and I'm extremely frustrated! Here's what I've tried: I've used MIDI in a few different ways, even making an aggregate device using the internal output and Boom app. I've configured Hz, frequency, audio, etc moving around device after device. I've reset my PRAM a couple times. I downloaded BitPerfect, tried changing the equalizer in both iTunes and Boom, changed the internal clock, etc. I'm at a complete loss! Someone please tell me you figured this out! Thanks

  • Distorted bass Level 1 Level 1

    Hi! Go up and see what "MakeYourOwnPizza" did. It worked perfectly for me! just delete those 2 files.


    I thought apple would fix this terrible problem by now, apperently not, if you're still having problem i mean... If you didn't try updating to the latest version of itunes, do that first.


    Stay Heavy!

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