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I had Garageband working fine on my computer until I backed up my data, set up two of the hard drives in my Mac Pro in a striped RAID, and migrated the user back over by hand (dragging files, fixing permissions, etc). I was running Snow Leopard.


I'm still running Snow Leopard, but now, Garageband initializes for a while when I start it then eventually crashes or gets stuck forever until I kill the process. I tried deleting all Garageband-related things and reinstalling iLife's Garageband component, but this did nothing. I also made sure to install all Garageband updates. Any tips?


This is on a 2008 8-core Mac Pro running 10.6.8.


UPDATE: Now, it's just initializing forever and hardly using any CPU or RAM.

Solved by ServerMac on Dec 3, 2012 7:17 PM Solved

Never mind, it opened... after 15 minutes of loading. I guess the first run takes a long time.