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I have never had a problem with syncing my calendars on iCloud with my laptop, desktop, iPhone and iPad. Recently I have had trouble with things I was putting on my iPhone were not syncing to my iPad. I read through a lot of the tips on here and have tried almost everything. I have removed the calendars and then set up my iCloud account again. I have refreshed numerous times. Nothing seems to work.


Last night I took all of the iCloud accounts off all devices. I mades sure that when I accessed iCloud via the internet that all my calendars were correct. They were.


This morning I added the iCloud acccount back to my iPhone and my iPad. All off the calendars from iCloud synced to these devices minus my personal calendar that is on iCloud. It is just one of the names that I have given my color coded calendar. Nothing is different with this calendar than with the other five color coded calendars that I have.


Does anyone have an idea why this one will not sync? Or suggestions on what I might do or try.


Thank you!