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i've been using imove 6.0.3 and just purchased a new 27' imac. I've been trying to use imove 11 and cant stand the timeline layout. is there any way to change it to a "layered" time line? similar to the way grageband works?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)



    iMovie'08 to 11 are a totally different application with NO relation to iMovie 1 to HD6 at all. It's wrongly named.


    The Project window can be set into two lay-outs and You switch by clicking the small blue button top right in this window adjacent to Mark/Chapters


    And that's all there is


    You can try - FinalCut Pro-X as there is a free demo/try-out and see if You can accept this way.


    I use

    • iMovie HD6 - or

    • FinalCut Pro 6


    As they works as I learned to do my movies.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Why not continue using the much better iMovie 6?


    You can easily have both on your Mac:


    Happily this is easily achieved, but it has to be done backwards.


    Delete iMovie 11 (just drag it to the trash). Now install iMovie 6 from the iLife 6 install disks. Update it to iMovie 6.0.3.


    Now re-install iMovie 11. This automatically moves iMovie 6 into a folder it creates in your Applications folder called iMovie Previous Version.


    Then reinstall iMovie 11.


    iMovie 6 works great with iDVD 7.

  • Karsten Schlüter Level 7 (32,197 points)

    Klaus1 wrote:

    … the much better iMovie 6?


    I know your favour of v6, but you should mention:

    'better' for DV. Only.


    for nowadays AVCHD iMv6 is of little use.-


    plus, actual iM11 offers tons of stuff, you have to purchase plugins for or don't even get it at all for v6, such as green-screen, score-board-theme, white-balance …


    iM11 works great with iDVD7


    and iMv6 is meanwhile 6y obsolete ..........



  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,755 points)

    and iMv6 is meanwhile 6y obsolete ..

    Nothing that works that well should ever be described as obsolete!


    The question here is: will iMovie 6 work with ML, not 'what do we think about it'!

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    There are two timeline views. See this link for the options.


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    Thanks for the feedback, I dont think im wording my question properly. I wanna do very percise edits, in i movie 6 you can see the audio wave very clear on the main beat ( like when you extract the audio) in i11 the wave is a block, I dont know, i guess im just not feelin i11 

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    A couple of tricks.

    1) When you are doing rough edits, keep the Thumbnail Slider at 5 seconds or so. When you are doing fine edits, or want to see the audio waveforms in more detail, set the Thumbnail Slider at 1/2 second.


    2) In the iMovie Preferences, set Display Time as HH:MM:SS:Frames so you can edit to the frame level. Otherwise, you can only edit to the 10ths of seconds.

    3) For a good overview of audio editing, see this video for iMovie 08.


    4) iMovie 11 added some significant improvements in audio editing. See this link and click on "All new audio editing".