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I created a playlist folder so I can organize my playlists better, but after dragging a few playlists into the folder it begins to drag playlists that I did NOT select. There's nothing wrong with my eyes, I've recreated this problem multiple times and it horrible because you cannot drag playlists back OUT of the folders. Is anyone else experiencing this? I am on a Mac, not Windows btw..

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I use loads of folders and subfolder for playlists, so I appreciate the warning you've posted here. I haven't seen this issue, but I haven't done much dragging since iTunes 11 launched — and as per your post, I think I'll hold off where I can.


    But I have confirmed the bug that you can't move a playlist  OUT of a folder to the top level. This is a huge bug.


    Gracious, it seems everywhere you look there are incomplete features. This release feels like a prototype.

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    I've never used playlist folders so i can't confirm if you could drag playlists previously, but it seems that the 'solution' from a previous version of iTunes (v7) is applicable here too: drag the playlist that is in a folder, to a blank space below the list of playlists. If there's isn't any blank space, then you can't move it to the top-level!


    I deleted some of my playlists (to make a gap) and it worked. Apple might say that's a feature rather than a bug. The lack of a second window to organise playlists is another 'bug' for me...

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    I have just had this happen to me, first the wrong playlist appeared in my folder & when I tried to move it to another folder it moved a different folder full of playlists into that folder.   So now I am not touching anything but I have to rememebr to look for about 20 playlists in the wrong place.


    I can not wait for Apple to do a major up date to iTunes to fix all these problems.  Oh, wait. . .

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    I think I may have seen the wrong playlists get dragged, though I wasn't watching closely enough to be sure it wasn't user error.


    I did figure out how to drag a playlist *out* of a folder, though (running on Windows 7, in case that matters): Left-click on the playlist and drag it to the left side of the playlists frame. A blue border will appear around the playlists frame. Release the mouse button and the playlist will be added to the main list of playlist, extracted from the playlist folder.


    I hope this helps someone.

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    Genius.  I am using Mountain Lion on the Mac & this worked for me.  I grabbed the folder, moved it to the edge & waited until the blue border apeears then I let go & the folder was out of the sub-sub-folder it had been erroneously placed in.


    Thank you very much for this, whilst it does not solve the bug it does at least allow us to correct it when it happens.

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    Yes.  iTunes on my Mac has exactly the same problem, and at least one of my friends confirmed that they have observed the problem, too.  I'm guessing that 99% of iTunes users have simply never try to drag-and-drop playlists.  Otherwise, there would be a riot about this.  Moving a *different* playlist than the one that was dragged is quite literally the most egregious UI bug that I have ever seen in professionally-written software.  And it's also one of the most frustrating because I know of no other way to move playlists to a different folder.


    But let's be clear about one thing: dragging playlists out to the top level is a different issue that has been an annoyance for years.  Yes, it can be done, but you have to find a spot where the little blue line appears, and the area where that line appear is usually so small that, unless you have the steadiness of an open-heart surgeon in your mouse-hand, the line will probably have disappeared by the time you release the mouse button.

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    I just submitted a bug report to apple.com/feedback.  So there is no excuse for not having this fixed in their next release.

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    Not so surgical on mine. I have maximized the iTunes window. I left-click the playlist and drag it to the left edge of the screen. The blue line appears, I release the mouse button, and it's done.


    If the window isn't maximized, though, it is harder. Perhaps that's the trick?


    I'm on Windows 7, though, so your mileage my vary.

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    I had this problem and these instructions worked perfectly.