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Email app keeps deleting all my mails and then resyncs with the exchange server

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    Maybe if I give more info this could generate some kind of a response.


    Every 2nd/3rd time I open my emails (Linked to an exchange server) the mails that have been synced just dissapear/delete themselves and the email then starts to resync according to what is current on my laptop email exchange. First of all this is really irritating but secondly very costly. In SA our internet service providers charge per meg and just in the last month my email data account has gone up 3x the ussual costs. I did call the apple technical support desk in SA and followed what possible solutions they gave me, namely : downloading a new ipsw (6.0.1) and restoring the ipad in that manner, deleting the email account and reinstalling it, and also deleting all emails off my Laptop exchange and then syncing to overcome any possible faulty emails.

    I am now seriously lost for ideas. Emails play a huge role in my job description and being mobile most of the day means i rely a lot on this function.

    Any advice, help, solutions, alternative options would be greatly appreciated.


    Thank U