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Good News - Bad News


The good news is I got the new iMac yesterday and am busy transferring data from the old iMac to the new.  The bad news is I have a mess on my hands with iPhoto though.  Here's my sequence and please forgive my ignorance but I need a little more confidence and help


I saved via 'export' the original iPhoto library to a file on an EHD from my OLD iMac. I have found my BIG mistake was importing the iPhoto library from the EHD to the new iMac.  The result was many MANY dupes of photos and general mess of things.  Roughly 20k photos became 90k taking up an enormous amount of room.  Heres how I plan to fix it, and what I need guidance on -


  1. I am hoping that by using the 'export' function on iPhoto from the old iMac to the EHD I haven't screwed things up (in a similar fashion that import does)?
  2. Should I just trash the iPhoto library on the new iMac and then copy the iPhoto library from the EHD by dragging it from the EHD to the pictures folder in Finder?  And by trash the iPhoto library I mean drag the entire library to the iMac trash vs. iPhoto's trash prior to dragging the replacement library over
  3. I did test the library on the EHD with a MBP with iPhoto and it looks pretty much as it did on the old machine so hopefully not much if anything is altered
  4. Are the names of the photos, event names and photo details transferred using this method?
  5. When would anyone actually use the import function of iPhoto if it makes such a mess?


Am I on the right track or perhaps more importantly - am I about to make a mess even bigger?


Thanks for any guidance

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)