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iPad, iOS 4.2
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    If you don't have a copy of it on your computer or in a backup, no.



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    Thanks, I figured as much. Will I be able to save all my apps and content by importing them to my computer and then uploading them back to my iPad after I upgrade the iOS? If so, do you happen to know if a gen 1 iPad running an iOS 4.2.1 is able to upgrade to an iOS 5? I did read online that the iOS 6 is NOT compatible with it so I want to be sure the iOS 5 is before I go through the trouble...

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    1. Click here for information.

    2. Yes.



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    Ok, one last question. The things that iTunes will not back-up such as apps, music, movies, tv shows etc., are the things I most don't want to (and can't afford to) lose. Is there a somewhere else I can back-up these items on my computer in order to upload them back to my iPad after I upgrade the iOS?