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Can it be done? If so, how? One complication is that I want to copy from a 24 fps project to a 30 fps project. This means I can't even use an awkward Duplicate Project trick. Clicking the title to select it, then using Cmd-C and then Cmd-V in the new project doesn't work. Actually, the Cmd-C doesn't work at all. You get the error beep.

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    No that doesn't work at all.


    Only way around I know off is to Copy Project and alter this copy into what the new project would be.


    ctrl-click in Project Name and select make a copy. (reservation that I night remember wrongly)


    Yours Bengt W

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    Not possible in iMovie (agreeing with Bengt). You could copy and paste the text from the title, but not the title itself.


    However, this is possible in FInal Cut Pro X. You can copy and paste titles, clips, pretty much anything, project to project.

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    Nope. Like I said above, that doesn't work because I'm changing frame rates.


    Why am I changing frame rates? I am working with a Super 8 transfer. The Super 8 footage was shot at 18 fps. IMovie doesn't have 18 fps, so I was forced to convert frame rates. I chose 24 fps for the following reasons: Easier to edit (need single-frame precision at some sync points, and 24 fps precision is sufficient), smaller exports, the hope of making 24 fps progressive DVDs and Blu-Ray discs (just like DVD releases), and the fact that the video looked perfectly smooth in iMovie.


    Why switch to 30 fps? It turns out that exports don't have perfectly smooth video! You get exactly the stuttering you'd expect from an 18 fps to 24 fps conversion (as every third frame is doubled). But it looks fine in iMovie. I'm not sure how it does it. The best I can figure is that it runs the footage at 18 fps, skipping the double frames, and recalculating the extra frames it has to add to get my speed adjustments done right. Anyway . . .


    The best way of distribution appears to be to copy the finished project (including trimmed down event footage) to a hard drive and ship that to users who have iMovie! Anyway, redoing the project at 30 fps is the next best solution I can think of. But making titles was a pain. Why doesn't the stupid program have a function for this? Even within the same movie, while you can copy titles, the functionality very limited. You have to duplicate them shortly after you make them, I think. But I don't need that. Why can't it just be a simple copy and paste, within or across projects?


    I love this program in general, but its bugs and the occasional limited feature are really annoying.


    Thanks for your reply.


    Watching it in iMovie is better than any other way! Exports also fade colors slightly (lower color saturation).

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    OK. Hmmm. Copying the text should still be helpful. . . . Just tried it. Cool! But I have to do it one at a time, of course.


    Maybe I can use that Duplicate title trick . . . Nope.


    But I can repeatedly paste the same text and change the text in each, obviating the need to go back and forth between the two projects, as long as I'm willing to retype the text for all but the first title. OK, next best thing. Thanks!


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