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Display on my 1.67 Ghz 15" Macbook G4 acting up.  System 10.4.11.  Getting fine alternating light blue & white horizontal lines overlaying images.  They vary in intensity, sometimes from place to place.  Everything's readable, but it's annoying.  Ran ColorSync - no help.  Fear my display is dying.  Any words of wisdom?

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    Common problem with the later PowerBook models. More often it due to the display panel needs replacing or the video cable that links the screen with the logic board. They have a tenancy to ware over time, where they go through the screen hinge.

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    Thanks Knuckles - tomorrow, I'm going to hook it up to a spare desktop display to see how the picture looks on that.  From your diagnosis, though, I'm guessing it will look normal, as the video outputs are upstream of the cable.  I'll report back.

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    It's more than likely to be a clear image. I've had to repair a few that have had their video leads worn.

    It's not the most pleasant of job to do, you have to open the very thin display housing without breaking the bezel.

    You could say it's a bit of an art to take apart and put together again.


    Let us know how it goes.


    Best of luck.

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    Hooked up to a  display and got the same pattern overlay whether the displays were mirrored or not.  Picture it as a series of vertical columns about 3/4" wide, made up of alternating light blue and clear bars about 2 mm thick. Every other column, the pattern reverses, so as you go across the screen, it's blue-clear-blue-clear ...


    Oddly, the pattern doesn't show on the swirly blue screen saver.


    In any event, it looks like time to break out the backup drive.  I'm afraid this might be a more serious problem than I originally thought.