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yes, I know it's my fault for walking away without my ipad, but apple makes the promise that you can use icloud to locate the missing item. Unfortunately, Apple can't keep its word here. For $800, I expect that Apple will be available to take my call at 9 p.m.  Really disappointed with the lack of customer service. Hey Apple, if you want to help me out, email me at burtongw@gmail.com

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    What are you talking about? It is not Apple's responsibility to locate your lost iPad. YOU DO have a chance to use iCloud to locate YOUR missing item, but YOU have to take responsibility for setting up the free service Apple provides to YOU.


    Apple provides the free "Find my iPhone/iPad" service which can help locate a lost iOS device. But it is not (and technically cannot be) a guaranteed service, and it is YOUR job to use the feature.


    It is YOUR responsibility to setup the free "Find my iPad" feature on YOUR device before YOU lose it. Upon losing it, it is YOUR responsibility to use this feature by logging into YOUR iCloud account at http://www.icloud.com/


    Phoning Apple at anytime, 9pm or otherwise is not how you use iCloud.


    And you are 100% correct. This is YOUR fault, not Apple's so take your childish hissy fit elsewhere.

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    Julian of course I set up the find my ipad service.  My data plan is turned on as well.  What I am saying is that the service did not work.  But its not a total loss if I get to hear from self-righteous dbags, I guess. 

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    hello, how is it not finding your device? just not locating it on a map, or not at all?



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    Vincent, thanks for your note, I am getting some support on this now.  Appreciate your willingness to assist.

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    Thanks. Let me know if i can try to help.