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    Ugh ... I'm in email heck right now! 


    I love Eudora but had to switch with one of the MAC OS upgrades.


    Right now I'm using (MAC) Mail.  I have multiple domains with  I have set up email aliases.  They all point to 1 of 3 gmail emails.  Untill a few days ago, all was well.  I had about 9,000 incoming emails, and was able to reply from any "from" address I wanted for about 9 months.


    A few days ago, I would send some mail and when it was replied to, it showed a wrong "from" address.  Kind of akward when a client emails me at one domain and a random email/domain responds back that makes no sense.


    I went to an Apple Genius and he could not resolve it.  He called in his Genius and was unable to resolve it.  They suggested I delete all accounts in (MAC) Mail and re create.  I did.


    Now when I send an email, I can see one of my 9 "from" addresses in the pull down, but when it is sent all of them show my gmail not my


    Can anyone help??

  • Ric Lobosco Level 1 Level 1 (115 points)

    All y'all are WAY over my head, technically, but I'm curious about the same thing (I think).


    I am using Eudora 6 on a G4 Mini, OS 10.4.  Many years ago I tried Mail, but thought it wouldn't let me set up multiple "users" at either of my personal domains.  I'd used Eudora for years, & currently use SIX Personalities (identities, aliases, whatever) on one of my domains, so I can interact with different audiences with different email addresses, using filters & Mailboxes to keep incoming mail organized. 


    (My installed Mail app is v2.1.3)


    I hope to upgrade to a new(ish) Mac this year & new OS, so need to get a popular, well-supported email client to replace Eudora.  What I've learned so far is Thunderbird  aren't being supported, & Penelope (Eudora OSE built on Thunderbird) hasn't reached public release level, nor does it appear likely to.


    In trying to understand this thread, I wonder about the three-alias maximum per account.  Since I still use Eudora, it's not like I can simply try six aliases until Mail fails & potentially causes serious problems. 


    Where did that three-alias limit information come from?  (Is there a Mail programmer that knows for certain?  Or someone who has extensively tested a higher limit?)


    I'm also interested in assigning something other than one "real" name for all aliases in a given account, but I'm not anxious to risk fiddling around with coding "under the hood," potentially breaking something badly.  Plus, I did a quick search on "plist" & found 500 files.


    Finally, & this might be a really stupid question, in setting up multiple accounts, can I enter different mail server info for each account?  (Currently, my two personal domains use the same mail server info, but login with distinct usernames & passwords.  I haven't tried to use Eudora for Gmail, Yahoo or Comcast mail, for example.)


    Thanks so much, in advance!

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    I was "forced" at one point to stop using Eudora because one of the Macs hardware or OS didn't work with Eudora, thus using Mail.


    I'm not sure where you got a max of three?  I had my system set up that way just cause it worked out that way.  If you wanted to inside (Mac) Mail, you could use as many aliases you want.


    After dealing with this issue litterally for 2 hours every day for weeks, and after stumpting multiple senior techs, I threw in the towel and just did a 1:1 patch (i.e., one email alias goes to one gmail account) which all dumps into my (Mac) Mail In box.


    After I rebuilt this, I noticed a folder directory was messed up, thus most likely causing all my problems, but I was already down the path of a work around to see if it was true or not.


    And to answers your last question.  When you create "Accounts" in (Mac) Mail (aka an email address) you can opt to have it reply from using the same server, or not.  If you choose not, then in your compose mail window, next to the from address, you will see a new window that, just like your pull down "from" window, you will see a pull down server window.  This will allow you to send any email combo using any server you choose.

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    > I'm not sure where you got a max of three?


    Earlier in this thread, which is why I was looking for someone with either the programming expertise or heavy usage experience to confirm what's possible. 


    I successfully entered 6 aliases in Mail v2.1.3, but I don't use this app, & don't want to screw my files up, since I still use Eudora.


    In your last paragraph, I *think* you're saying I can use "" as mail server (& SMTP) for one email account, & "" as mail server & (SMTP) for a second email account.  Or at least I HOPE that's what you meant.



  • kylefromca Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    In my case I was using 3.  I'm guessing you can use many more, but I have not tired it.


    And yes, when you create an Account (alias) you can toggle to use same server or a different server.


    Hope this helps.

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    kylefromca wrote:




    In my case I was using 3.  I'm guessing you can use many more, but I have not tired it.

    3 is the maximum number of aliases allowed for iCloud email accounts.

    Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 8.04.41 AM.png

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    So, the "3 aliases" limit wasn't a limit within Mac Mail, but iCloud?  That makes all the difference, sorry I misunderstood!


    I am intrigued by the ability to assign a different Real Name to each alias, but concerned about hacking code to do so.  I'm not sure where to look for the plist, but if I found 500 files with .plist suffix in my OS 10.4 system, & wouldn't be surprised if a newer OS has MANY more.


    I'm also concerned about someone referring earlier to breaking something with this modified plist.


    I found a 2011 iMac for a very good price, going to pick it up tomorrow & starting to set it up.  I can continue to use Eudora for a while, but....



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    Changing the .plist worked like a charm for me.  Thank you!  It totally defeated the purpose of Aliases if your original name showed up.

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    worked like a charm for me.


    I have been trying to do this for a while.

    thank you so much for this.


    I had to remove the one string though.

    Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 14.07.27.png

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    Munas, you are the man. I really appreciate all the work you went to on this thread several years ago. Thanks to your detailed descriptions and screen shots of what the accounts.plist file should look like I was able to get sender names to appear next to their appropriate email aliases in Made my day!

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