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I use my MacBook Pro for work, it was passed down from the director who got a new one last year.


Grey screen appeared about 2 weeks ago midway through working on it, telling me to switch off and restart. This kept appearing at the startup page (where the apple and loading wheel appear), eventually after holding shift at startup and giving it a reboot it started working again.


I gave it to our works IT team who did a system check and said there was nothing wrong with it but to install some anti virus which i did, Avast and also used MacKeeper to scan my machine, which found 3 errors but then you need to pay for them to go further, which i did not do.


On Sunday it took an hour for my computer to load up after trying about 20 times to hold shift at startup it eventually booted in safe mode, i got all the files off my desktop and saved to usb.


Today, Tuesday, my computer is not loading at all for the past 2 hours. I have pressed shift, command and V and it starts up and gives all the behind the screens info (Im not technically minded) and it stops at...


com.avast.AvastFileShield: Disabling Debug Mode.


I have got a backup and had timemachine setup but i do not have the original discs.


Is there any way i can use my time machine as i can not get on to the desktop to do this?


Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated.


I'm not sure what operating system it is either.


Mac OS X and i only think its 4.1 as this is what appeared in the jargon when i have tried opening it with shirt, command and v. It is also no longer under warranty.



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    Uninstall - right away - both Avast and MacKeeper. Although the free version of avast gets some good scores from Thomas Reed's av detection list, it seems as if it's causing you problems. And adding MacKeeper on top of it is just making things worse (see Thomas' Beware MacKeeper).


    I would bet that you would be able to start up in Safe Mode - holding down the Shift key whilst booting...



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    Contact Apple and order replacement installation disks.  Have your MBP serial number ready which you should be able to find on the bottom.


    Get rid of Avast and MacKeeper.  These programs do more damage than good.  Best way to proceed is to erase the HDD and then reinstall the OS when you get your disks.


    In the interim look at this Apple support article:





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    Ive tried getting in via safe mode by holding shift and although this worked at first, it has obviously been getting worse and this does not work at all, i have tried on and off constantly for the past 3 hours by holding shift with no success.


    How do i remove avast and mackeeper if i cant boot it up? The same problem as trying to use my time machine?


    It looks like you both suggest i need new discs? At what stage do i need to start looking at a new computer as i'm guessing replacement discs arent cheap.


    I was hoping that i can eventually get on in safe mode, use time machine and go back a month, hoping this would sort the problem out.


    Thanks for your replies, they are very much appreciated.

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    I think that OGLETHORPE is writing about a replacement set of DVD's that would have come with your computer. About $20 last time I checked. You could boot from the installation disc (maybe) and restore your MBP to it's original state (which you may just have to do - good thing that you have backups).


    When you get your replacement disc(s) just boot from the installation disc, use Disk Utility to erase your drive (format as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" with a single GUID partition, and then use your Time Machine backup to restore your system as it was before you installed avast and MacKeeper.


    Call 1-800-MYAPPLE to order the disc(s). As OGLETHORPE says, you'll need your serial number as the disc(s) are machine-specific.


    Good luck,



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    Let me emphasize the key point the Clinton makes when says "restore your system as it was before you installed avast and MacKeeper.".  The operative word is BEFORE.