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I would like to backup my NAS (synology) to a time capsule but this seems only possible if the target disk (the time capsule) is rsync-compatible.

Is this the case ? Has anyone experience with this ?


Thanks a lot

Time capsule
Solved by LaPastenague on Dec 4, 2012 2:02 AM Solved
No.. no chance at all.. there is nought in the TC except AFP and SMB.. that is the sum total.
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    No.. no chance at all.. there is nought in the TC except AFP and SMB.. that is the sum total.

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    Hi LaPastenague,


    And thanks for your quick answer !

    Any chance that this backup might be done over an iMac :

    having a Rsync script running at night on the iMac and copying the content of the synology to the time capsule ?

    Might there be problems with folder access ?


    I know this might not be really efficient in terms of network traffic but I would like to have my data on 2 distinct devices and reuse my time capsule for something...


    Thanks again !

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    When you can just plug in a USB drive I think you are wasting the TC.. and power.. and lifespan of the Mac.


    It is certainly difficult if you have various different user permissions on the synology..


    Really you should use the TC for TM.. if you don't then you don't need it.. I would sell it off on ebay as it is causing you to dream up ways to use it.. some things are a burden to our minds... if we have it we have to use it.


    I suffer from the same affliction.. but to overcome it sometimes.. you need to really think is this worthwhile.


    Mind you, using a standard Mac backup program you can probably just do an incremental backup of the synology and it might not take very long at all.. if you are not loading huge masses of stuff in and out of the NAS.


    Might be easier than getting rsync to work.

    Sometimes the speed of copying in this manner is really poor though.. !!

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    Hi Pastenague,


    And thanks again for your answer !

    I think you might be right in saying that I might be better off in selling my TC... which I wont because it also is my Wireless router...


    Anyway, I'll not start playing around with rsync and I might end up with an additional USB HDD.


    Thanks again !