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RolandSt Level 1 (0 points)

Does anyone know how to do this on ipad? Once you select "genre" I get a completely meaningless alphabetical list of all songs within the genre. E.g the genre "rock" results in an alphabetical list of song titles by Guns 'n Roses and Metalica, sorted on title not even Band!


My ipod touch does not suffer from this problem so it should be possible. Does anyone have a solution?



Ipad mini, iOS 6.0.1
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    I have the same question, and let me expand on it:

    The genre album view works perfectly on my iPhone 4,  iOS 5.1.1, but on my iPAD 4, iOS 6.1.2, i get the same useless songs list as RolandSt.

    Furthermore, the iPAD is REALLY sensitive to how songs and albums are labelled in iTunes 11, in order not to mess up the regular Albums view (lost albums, multiple covers, merged albums). The iPhone gets it right every time (synced from the same windows PC, same iTunes, same library).

    So - What is this? An iPAD hardware issue, or an iOS 6 issue? 

    If an iOS 6 issue, I would like to know when Apple plans to fix it..

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    I agree totally.  They did put the sort by artist which at least groups the songs correctly with the artist.  But I have a large collection with multiple genres.  If I'm looking for classical I want to go in and see classical by artist and then by album and (most importantly) sorted correctly for the album.  Without this ability it makes the genre feature useless.  Both the iPhone, Mac, and remote handle this fine; why doesn't the ipad?



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    I really hope this gets addressed in the next update of the iOS.  Seems so strange that it works fine on all other devices, but not the ipad.   Wish I had something to add to the thread that was useful.  But all I have to say is, I'm with you and looking for a solution as well.