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Hi everyone,


I've already read many battery issues here and i guess i'm also having one !


2 days ago a friend of my and I bought Iphone 5 16gb in the same store. We charged the phone to 100% yersterday evening.

When i was going to bed battery was 98% I closed all apps and turned "don't disturb" mode ON.
I woke up 8hours later and battery was 71%  !!!??? So i called my friend and his phone was still on 97% without "don't disturb" mode turned on.

The only difference in settings between our phones is that i had turned on 3G and Bluetooth and he didn't.
ALL the other settings were excatly the same. ( icloud was on, push mails, .... )


My question: Do i have bad luck ? Do i have a bad battery? Or is 3G and Blutooth such battery demanding ( even overnight ) that these 2 use over 20% battery in 8 hours standby ?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    Thats easy to test. just switch off the 3G and BT tonight and see what happens.


    If you restored your iPhone 5 from a back-up, then try restoring (erasing) the iPhone 5 and testing it again (before putting your data back on it).

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    I din't restored my Iphone from a back-up. I've set it as a new one... so did my friend.

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    Try quitting the 6 or 7 most recent applications in the multi-tasking bar (you can access the multi-tasking bar by quickly pressing the home button twice) before you go to sleep tonight to test if the same thing happens again.

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    Like I said in my first post I've closed all apps before I went to bed...

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    UPDATE !


    Tonight i want to bed with 100% battery, had 8hours and 30min of sleep, i wake up and battery has only 75%.

    Again i closed ALL apps, don't disturb mode ON and this time 3G and Bluetooth were turned OFF.


    I'm realy asking myself: How can apple say this phone has a standby time of 225 hours if this phone loses 25% battery in 8hours standby ?

    Simple calculation: my battery would on last for 40hours standby ... thats not even 20% of the hours that apple is telling !


    I'm sad