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As of today iTunes store is available in Israel - thank you.

iTunes match appears to be avaailable as well - at least the links works and there is pricing available:

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 2.08.10 PM.png

And yet when I try to subscribe I get that my storefront does not support "automatically renewing subscriptions". This is per Israeli law, ok, but why enable iTunes match at all then? Are there any changes in the near future that will allow this to work? Or is tit just another temporary bug?

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 2.08.35 PM.png

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    Been emailing with iTunes Support about this. They've asked me to try again in 24 hours and notify them if this isn't fixed.


    Let's hope for the best

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    I have the same issue as well. Hopefully they'll remove the auto renew subscription.

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    Yeah , Like they are going to do that.


    Israeli consumer laws forbid Auto renewable subscription.

    It's a known issue that has been like this for 2 years (since this purchase method was made available on the iOS platform).


    Don't expect them to suddenly fix that. And on top of that - I find it very hard to belive they will make a special purchase method for whoever buys from Israel.


    Someone at Apple just didn't notice that "minor" detail.


    I would love to be surprised though - It would be great news for Israeli store users.

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    And just to understand how specific this problem is:


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    "They've asked me to try again in 24 hours and notify them if this isn't fixed.".

    Looks like they completely removed the "iTunes Match" option in the Israeli store .

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    Regarding the auto-subscription thing -

    In other countries where iTunes Match is available, once you've subscribed successfuly you can cancel the default enabled auto-subscription - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4914

    So, auto-subscription is not mandatory in order to use iTunes Match, according to Apple's policy. It's only a default setting, which is unavailable in Israel (due to local laws) and thus causes an error during the subscription process. This is something that Apple should definitely be able to fix, since it doesn't actually break their policy in any way.

    At the very least, that's my kind of common sense

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    The fact you can cancel it right after you do it is correct for all types of ARS (Auto Renewable Subscription).


    There is a huge difference between ARS and regular subscription technically throughout the iOS eco system - its not "only a default setting".


    If it was just a setting this would have been how they would have solved it for all the apps that don't work correctly with ARS because of that - However - the entire way the code work is very different in this case.

    If you know some iOS Dev. read the differences between the 2 subscription types.


    One is consumable , the other is not (closer to the Android concept of managed / unmanaged).


    (And I won't even go into restoring subscriptions and other technical stuff)

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    You're absolutely correct, I actually am an iOS Developer so I happen to know this


    All I was saying is that in terms of dry policy, there's no excuse here that Apple can sell me.

    Implementation is always a separate issue, but we both know that they won't tell you the reason it's not possible is because "they can't implement it"

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    Here's my problem. I think it is the same issue.

    Right now I can try to launch iTunes Match in the Store by clicking iTunes Match link in quick links on the right.




    Then I get an error:





    After that, if I go to my library again, I see the Match link at the top now. But it also doesn't get me there:




    Anyone else gets the same behavior?

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    Yup. This has been the behaviour since the second day of the Israeli iTunes Music store.

    I suppose they finally realized that showing you the price in your own currency suggests that you can actually subscribe and expect it to work. So they removed that option so you won't get disappointed. Why they didn't remove the iTunes Match links alltogether is beyond me, since this is simply broken and annoying behaviour whichever way to choose to look at it.

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    Hey get this error too. Any news?...


    The Store->Turn On iTunes Match menu entry is disabled.

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    iTunes Match link is removed from iTunes Store (in Quick Links section). That's all the news for now ):