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Very strange: I have been using iMovie 11 for quite some time now and only today I discovered a problem with using DV 4:3 material. I want to show these clips in their original 4:3 format with black stripes on either side, which works fine, except I noticed the original dimensions of the clip don't correspond to the clip's format when it is imported to the timeline. I choose "Fit" in the crop/rotation menu and at first sight it looks allright, but taking a closer ook reveals the clip is zoomed in, cutting parts of the video. I have seen no options to either activate or deactivate this behaviour.


See screenshots below. The first one shows the clip in the preview window being cut off when selected in the timeline. The second screenshot shows the preview window when selecting the source clip on the same frame. You can see in the original clip the boy can bee seen in total, but in the clip in the timeline his head is chopped off


Have any of you experienced the same and is there a solution ?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iMovie '11
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    An addition: if I first process the clip in Final Cut Express, export it to Quick Time and import it back into iMovie, it works fine and the clip is used "as is".

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    From your photo, it appears that you have Stabilization turned on. Stabilization works by zooming in slightly. (More than slightly if the footage is very shaky). You can get your full frame by going to the clip inspector and turning off stabilization. Or you could drag the stabilization slider to a smaller level of zoom.