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I am simply trying to export photos (from Iphoto) for printing (at a local shop).  I went through the export function, but my disc came out blank.  Can anyone help please?

Imac, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (134,925 points)

    Remember: we cannot see your machine. There are 9 different versions of iPhoto and they run on 8 different versions of the Operating System. The tricks and tips for dealing with issues vary depending on the version of iPhoto and the version of the OS.  So to get help you need to give as much information as you can. Basic things like :



    - What version of iPhoto.

    - What version of the Operating System.

    - Details. As full a description of the problem as you can. For instance: 'iPhoto won't export' is best explained by describing how you are trying to export, and so on.

    - History: Is this going on long? Has anything been installed or deleted?

    - Are there error messages?

    - What steps have you tried already to solve the issue.

    - Anything unusual about your set up? Or how you use iPhoto?


    Anything else you can think of that might help someone understand the problem you have.

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    Hi Terence - Thanks for replying so quickly. I have a Mac OSX, version 10.7.5, iPhoto '11, version 9.4.2.


    So far I have compiled an album in iPhoto, clicked on it and then went up to the file menu and hit the export key. I have tried to export it to a disc or to a memory stick.  The ladies at the shop (who are not using Imacs) say there is nothing on the disc, however, when I got home and loaded the disc, it has the 18 photos on it.

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    Slect the photo(s) and export to a desktop folder - mount the storage and for a memory stick drag the folder to it - for a disk right click on the folder and burn to disk



  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (134,925 points)

    What format are these disks or Memory Sticks?