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I'm Paul Yacha,

Working in a brand new compagny, as Producer in Production compagny inside a Communication agency,

I try FcpX but it don't fit my needs, i mean by this that all my editor work with FCP7 et wont work with the X

I'm asking my self how can i buy legally the soft (FCP7), or should i moov to an other soft (like avid)?


Thank's in advance for your advice/help !



Best Paul.

Final Cut Pro 7
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    It's only available in the used market so try places like eBay but be prepared to pay ridiculous amounts for it.

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    Hey Paul.


    Amazon currently lists FCS – but as Ian said, it's at a very stiff price.


    For some time after FCS was discontinued, it was possible to purchase it over the phone from Apple.  Although I haven't heard reports of recent purchases, it wouldn't hurt to give a call.


    If you're convinced FCPX isn't for you, then you might want to check out Premier Pro, which is similar in design to FCP. Adobe has a 30 day trial and, if it meets your needs, it's possible to get their entire Master Suite via a monthly subscription.


    Personally, I like many things about FCPX and use it increasingly, though I'm still much more comfortable with FCP7.


    Whatever you do, good luck.



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    ty !

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    I have FCP7 versions but when I try to install on Mountain Lion it does not let me. I than uninstalled FCX on my new 27" iMac. Now it say cannot install on PowerPC... What do I do?


    I have a retina MacBook Pro that I did a migration from snow leopard machine and kept FCP7 on it and it runs fine.

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    Final Cut Studio 2009 (also known as Final Cut Studio 3) should install directly under OSX 10.8. FCS 2 has issues due to the installer software requires Rosetta.