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HI, I have been using a Netgear Stora for playing music thriough my home cinema.  However, the Stora now has a problem finding the Family Library and after 3 very frustrating days, I have decided to bin it and am looking for a replacement...but definitely not Netgear.  I use an external drive for time machine backups so that is not an issue.

Can somebody point me in the direction of what I need to have Itunes play on my home cinema?




Imac + Mountain Lion

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Well you posted in Time Capsule area.. and clearly you don't want or need a TC. You would be better posting in the itunes area.


    If you want to stream itunes you need an itunes running server.. ie a computer.


    And you need some player that plugs into the home threatre, like apple TV.. this is what it does well.


    This has nothing then to do with the title of your thread.. dlna.. no more. The problem then is you will need software on the computer that can recognise or convert your existing material into a format that itunes or atv can understand.