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I've had an Aperture library that has traveled with me through all of the various updates (up to and include 3.4.3), but now in random projects (and most but not all photos) the original RAW file isn't available, only the preview.  The problem, is that now I can't edit or even export the photos.  I recently went through a whole "corrupt library" restore from a vault that I keep up to date, but now I'm going to try to rebuild the database.


Very disconcerning.  Hopefully there is a simple cause and remedy someone can help me with. 

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      I recently went through a whole "corrupt library" restore from a vault that I keep up to date, but now I'm going to try to rebuild the database.

    Are the missing raws all from the same camera? Have the original image files correctly been restored from the vault, or can it be, that your "restore" from the vault did not fully succeed? 

    Check, if the original master files actually are inside your Aperture library and what their state is. You can browse the originals by selecting the Aperture Library in the Finder and ctrl-clicking it, then use the command "Show Package Contents" from the Pop-up menu.

    Open the "Masters" folder in the windows that opens. The original image files are stored in folders named by the date of the  import session, not the capture date. Are the raws there and o.k.? Can you open them in other imaging applications?


    but now I'm going to try to rebuild the database.

    Try all of the library first aid tools (Aperture 3 User Manual: Repairing and Rebuilding Your Aperture Library), including repairing permissions and repairing the library, but make a backup copy first. Don't overwrite your vault.




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    Thanks for the reply!  I went through all three first aid steps over the last two days (in increasing order), so first was permissions, then repair, then rebuild the database.  I haven't updated the vault since I noticed this issue a few days ago, but I don't know how long it's been going on. 


    Also, I opened the library file by showing the package contents, and navigated to a masters file folder that I could compare to the viewer, and if you look at the screenshot below, IMG_4870.CR2 is the first RAW file in the folder.  It then skips two files (IMG_4871 and IMG_4872) which both show the yellow "!" icon in the viewer, then the next raw file is IMG_4873.  What this tells me, is that, in fact, the RAW files really DON't exist in the folder of that import.


    Is there a way to browse the contents of the vault without restoring?  I'm also thinking I might restore the library from the vault to a different drive to see if the RAW files are there.  Lastly, I'm going to check my Backblaze backup to see if the RAW files are there. 


    For future reference, I'm going to set up a mirrored RAID drive set and do a live backup of the masters during the import. 


    I REALLY hope I can recover the originals from this... 


    Aperture RAW file error.jpg

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    OK, after spending quite a bit of time looking through old projects, it seems as though only a 6 projects taken over Christmas last year, all imported within about 4 days of each other are affected.  It turns out these projects were first imported on my MacBook Pro, and then merged (or imported) with my main library on my iMac afterwards. 


    It turns out (at least so far), that I was able to go to my Backblaze backup for the MacBook Pro, and it still had ALL the original RAW files!  Score one for Backblaze!! 


    I'll definitely be creating an offline backup for all the raw images during import in addition to regular use of the Vault.

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    In addition I would verify disks involved with disk utility software.  Your symptoms are similar to mine when my images were stored on a failing drive.