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I cannot get my keynote to export to any platform except qt without sound.  Currently I held my iPad and screen recorded. Help!

iPad 2, Macbook pro lion os
  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,818 points)

    I cant understand from your post what your question is



    what export format you want

    how  the end product will be used

    list what is in your Keynote; objects, photo, tex,t video, sound

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    Sorry, I have a macbook pro running OSX Mtn Lion.  I created a slide show in Keynote, and wanted to export it with sound after exporting it several times, and it not working, I started researching online, and it appears it is not possible?  I simply wanted to upload it to Youtube, so I could link it to my prezi.  I tried everything under the sun, and no sound.  Any ideas?