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Hi All,


Today, Apple officially launch iTunes Store in my country, so we would be able to purchase music and video now from iTunes (iPhone or through Mac or PC) but the problem is when i tried to open iTunes app in my iPhone 4, the bottom tab only shows iTunes U and Podcasts. But my another iPhone 4 shows perfectly the bottom tab such as search, etc. Both using same Apple ID, same country.


Anyone knows how to solve it ? pls help, tried to restart few times but not helping.




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iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    Finally i know how to solve this problem by myself ! and now i can get back all of my iTunes Store tabs from Music, Movies, Search, Tones, etc.


    The way i did it is i have 2 Apple ID which belongs to 2 different countries, if you don't have it, create one first.


    You login with your new Apple ID which belongs to country that have iTunes Store for Music. After login, your device will inform you that this Apple ID is belong to a country, they will direct you to the new store.


    After that, try to open iTunes in your iPhone, those tabs will appears perfectly.


    Go to setting, in the App Store & iTunes Part, logout ! and then login again with your real Apple ID. they will redirect again to the store specific for that Apple ID's country.


    Open iTunes on your iPhone again. those tabs should be appears perfectly.



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    Thanks willytbk,


    I also had the same problem.  It is solved now!