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iTunes match and the Music, Movie and Book stores are finally available to Indian users. Without much adieu I signed up for iTunes match. iTunes is now matching my tracks.


When I go to the music library i see some songs with a cloud icon canceled out, some with a dotted cloud icon and some with no cloud icon. can someone tell me what these mean? does it mean that the sond is uploaded or does it mean that a match is found?


i would want to delete all songs for which a match is found and download a 256 kbps version of the same. so can someone guide me with it please?


one more thing, i was too excited to give my self a gift of 256kbps bit rate songs tomorrow for my birthday so i subsribed to itunes match post-haste. however, i noticed that when i right click on many of the songs and try and find the same of the music store, it shows the wrong match! i hope i haven't wasted Rs. 1200 on my birthday eve!


one last thing, the match service seems to halt when my disply goes to sleep, also allowing my computer to sleep.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 13 inch, 2.4 Ghz, Mid 2010
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    the match making has been going on since more than 12 hours now! it even went to the uploading stage where it uploads the missing songs. then this morning its making the matches again!


    there are many albums which i do see in the music store but when i select an album in the album view of the library and then select 'in the store' it says the album is not there in the store!


    i'm getting confused.


    can someone be kind to explain me how to work with music match?



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    UNBELIEVEABLE! its been more than 48 hours and its still going on! i have rebooted the computer since. when i open itunes it seems to load on its own and kind of begins the process all over again.


    any help?