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Cellular Network Data,

Hi I was abroad . On my I phone 3  the  3G was disabled. but the the cellular data was enabled for some reason.

I thought that I will be just connected through WIFI. I didn't use my phone much and if i did some times i thought that I was connceted to wifi..  but when I get back I received a bill of 370 $ for using 104 MB 

Now, on my general - usage - cellular network data, It says: sent 77 MB and received 252 MB. Is that data that I have used throught wifi and other since I had the phone or what those number really represent ?

The numbers does not make much sense:  I had the phone since last April and I use very much at home through wifi, youtube and other downloads but when I was travelling, I barely check my phone since i had another phone ! Or if it's just cellular than why the phone company would chrge only 104 instead of 329 MB! Since this is the first time that I am having a bill for data.

Thank you very much





Note : The Tether Data is 0 sent 1 kb received.

iPhone 3G