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When updates occur, sometimes they update fine, while at other times it indicates an incorrect Apple ID.  Wazzup here?  I purchased this iPad NEW NOT Used!  I log in with the same Apple ID always!  How do I stop it from confusing my ID with the wrong ID?  I also am the One who purchased the app originally that is being updated.  Updates usually work fine for this app, but then this issue comes up?  *** is going on here?!


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App Store, iOS 6.0.1
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    Now, what is the name of the App that is being updated? And also, have you been synching your iPad? This can cause the issues you mentioned.


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    Just worked all of a sudden after about the 7th or 8th attempt.  It's done this before, regardless of when I synced -and yes I do sync on a regular basis.  But NOTHING changed (on my end anyways) from the first attempt thru to when it worked (did not sync or anything.)  Very strange.


    Turns out the bad ID is an OLD Mobile ME ID that gave me (and most other users) nothing but trouble, along with the crappy hosting and such, so Apple 2nd tier techs supposedly trashed that old ID after I set up a new one once they got rid of that crap called Mobile Me (Steve, when he was still with us, admitted it was junk and so Apple aboloshed it).  But that ID will creep up from the dead and still haunt me on occasion - but sometimes not - for the SAME apps.  It's creepy - works fine on some days and on others it appears again.  Maybe on the night of a full moon?  Who knows?  Then I try later and it just works with the NEW ID Password even though it shows the OLD Mobile ME ID???!!!    I never used this password (on my current Apple ID) with Mobile Me.


    I wish Apple would just lose that old ID as everything I do and HAVE BEEN doing is on the NEW ID and the NEW ONE ONLY!!!  Spent 9 - NINE!!! Hours on the phone with an Apple tech (fortunately got a very helpful and sharp young lady to work with me) and she admitted that it was all BECAUSE OF MOBILE ME GARBAGE!!!


    So I guess it's laying around like a Zombie and haunting them too??!!


    It's all just too weird.


    Probelm solved (for now) and just did so on it's own?!  Now Maps is the bad Apple.  So I got an Android phone and it's all good as far as that goes.


    Come on Apple, what happened to Steve's slogan of "IT JUST WORKS???!!"


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    Actually, Mobile Me was dumped because iCloud was supposed to replace it and come with dropbox integration. But those guys from DB refused to sell out, so iCloud technically turned out to be a really bad downgrade instead.