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All my music files are purchased from HDTracks.com 24bit/192khz flac. Cost me $20 and up for an album. I use DBpoweramp program on my Windows7 home computer to reformat the files to ALAC and AIC lossless. First I tried ALAC, iTunes would not allow me to save them to the iPod Classic 160GB. Then I tried AIC at 24bit 44.1hz. That worked. Then I tried AIC 24bit 48hz and my iTunes let me transfer them to the iPod Classic but now no songs in any format will play on the iPod Classic. If I let the iPod Classic auto transfer the files to AAC 256kbs then I that iPod will play back those files. But that sounds aweful, Sounds like MP3's playing. I paid good money for lossless flac music from HDTracks.com and I want this iPod Classic to play back the best format it possibly can on my car stereo which is the new Sony 701HD with the iPod builtin dedicated i-cable.


Can someone please let me what is the highest resolution and format that this iPod Classic 160gb device can playback and which Bit rate and frequency? I turned off the Auto transfer to AAC option in the new iTunes program.

iPod classic, Windows 7, Sony 701HD car receiver
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    Gah, I just read the last 12 pages of this forum. Not one question on music format (

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    Man, iTunes and iPods are frustrating beyond belief! I almost chucked this thing out the window. Got so sick of reseting this iPod back to factory settings and trying another format. Each time it wouldn't play any songs at all. AAC, AiFF or MP3's. I could hear the harddrive starting to spin then a click and stop over and over again. Finally I reset the iPod back and just put on AAC files. Now it plays again. Back to square one. Hours and hours of effort first trying to get ALAC to work then lately trying to get AiFF to work.


    I tried AIFF 24bit 88hz, then AIFF 24bit 48hz then AIFF 24bit 44.1hz then I had iTunes do the auto convert to AIFF 16bit 88hz. Why would iTunes auto convert to AIFF when the iPod doesnt even play it??? Not only that, but it makes the entire iPod unusable so that not even the AAC and MP3 files on the device not play??????


    Now I have it back to factory reset with just crappy AAC files on it. Tonight Im going to try AIFF 16bit 44.1hz files. If that doesnt work this peice of crap iPod is going on craigslist for the next sucker to play with.  Its brand new 7th gen iPod 160gb. Now im wishing I tried the iPod Nano, the litature says it plays more formats. Probably a bunch of lies as usual.

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    This is copied from the APPLE website


    Audio formats supported: AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV

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    I see that this APPLE website confirms that this iPod will not support any frequency over 44.1hz. So tahts confirmed. But I still can't get AIFF to work. Also, what is Apple Lossless??? AIFF?


    Compatible codecs
    iPod can play songs encoded with these codecs

    • MP3 (from 32 Kbps to 320 Kbps)
    • MP3 Variable Bit Rate (VBR)
    • AIFF *
    • WAV (with no compression)
    • The following require iPod software 1.3 or later: 
      • M4A AAC *
      • M4P AAC (Protected) *
      • M4B AAC (iTunes Store Spoken Word files) *
    • The following require iPod software 2.2 or later or iPod mini 1.1 or later: 
      • Apple Lossless Encoder

    * Requires iTunes 4 or iTunes 4 for Windows. AAC files also require the most recent update to the iPod software

    Compatible sample rates

    iPod can play songs with the these sample rates, and with all compatible codecs:

    • 8 kHz
    • 11.025 kHz
    • 16 kHz
    • 22.050 kHz
    • 32 kHz
    • 44.1 kHz

    Audible Spoken Word files

      iPod Software 1.2 and later can play Audible spoken word files in formats 2, 3, and 4. These files have the filename extension, ".aa". 

    iTunes 4 and iTunes 4 for Windows work with Audible spoken word files.

    Incompatible codecs

    iPod cannot play songs that use these audio formats:

    • snd
    • QuickTime
    • MP2
    • MP1
    • WAV with compression
    • WMA and WMA Protected
    • any other format not in the Compatible codecs list

    If you copy a song that uses one of the incompatible codecs from your iTunes Library to iPod, you can select the song on iPod, but it will not play. Instead, iPod skips to the next song in the playlist.

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    Well, sigh, I reconverted all my 24bit 192hz HDTracks.com music files to AIFF 16bit 44.1hz format. Those files are playing on my iPod...Its too bad we dont have anyone on here answering these questions. I went thru **** and back trying to figure this all out and im an IT professional and been messing with programs and files for 20 years. Just not the Apple stuff. Its all abotu windows in the real world.


    I dont understand why I just didn't convert to WAVE format instead of messing around with AIFF format. I dont see the benefit.

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    I hope you get to read this and that you haven't sold your iPod (I do not work for Apple, btw). Yes, the iPod Classic does play 24 bit files. However, the khz has to be converted down to 48khz and it has to be in the ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Encoder) format. I've purchased stuff from HDTracks and it plays on my iPod, again, as 24bit/48k ALAC. I've read on other forums that if you have Rockbox on your iPod, it will play up to 192khz, but others say that the iPod downsamples it when you play the files... (I wouldn't know, I don't have Rockbox on my iPod).


    I hope this answers your questions...

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    Thanks a lot stylinIp38 for your efforts! This is a definitive answer to ongoing myths regarding HD audio on Apple's ipod devices.


    There is just one question left to be answered, even if TRosado indicates that it would be possible: is the iPod classic (7th gen) able not to only play but to really *render* 24 bit ALAC files? If the DAC hardware incorporated into the iPod is only 16bits they would just throw away the 8 "useless" least significant bits. On the crappy Apple earphone you'd rather hear this...

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    I think the iPod will also play 24/44.1 ALAC, so all multiples of that sample rate should probably be donwnconverted to that, right?  For example, 88.2, 176.4KHz.  Others should be downconverted to 48KHz.  I used XLD on my Mac to do that.