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I recently got an iPhone 5 with a contract (blocked sim).  Had before an iphone 4S open to all cards.  After I had uploaded the latest ios6 for the new iphone and then doing the automatic sync from my laptop containing my itunes, contacts....  I now have Mona Lisa as a wallpaper for my apps screens (2).  The screen  when I turn on the new phone is the wallpaper that I chose that is offered on the iphone, that is the "waterdrops on glass" wallpaper.  When I slide to unlock, up comes Lisa smiling at me. Question is, how did I get Mona Lisa since it is not on the iphone 5 and never used her on my old 4S and is it possible to get some of the old versions of wallpaper that were on iphones from the past such as the earth to name one.  If someone has an idea or had this also, it would be helpful.

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2, Navi app doesn´t re-load